WE'RE HERE ŁOPUSZYŃSKA / KURKIEWICZ / WNUK / ESCUDERO / HÜLCKER / HIENDL / KALWAT / BUKOWSKI / RYTERSKIFURE / GLOJNARIĆ / SPEAR / BLECHARZ / HÜLCKER / HIENDL / KUNAK / ESCUDERO / RYTERSKI [EN] Yet again at Warsaw Autumn Festival, this year performing a World Premiere of Rafał Ryterski's work for solo performer HEPHEPHOBIA … Continue reading WARSAW AUTUMN 2021 / WARSZAWSKA JESIEŃ 2021


Sierpień 2020, dokładnie między wiosennym lockdownem, a jesiennymi ponownymi ograniczeniami, Sinfonia Varsovia zorganizowała festiwal Sinfonia Varsovia Swojemu Miastu, a w ramach niego cykl koncertów muzyki współczesnej Eksperymentalne Wtorki. Odbyły się cztery koncerty tego cyklu: Ensemble Garage, Hashtag Ensemble, Spółdzielnia Muzyczna contemporary ensemble i Małe Instrumenty. I miałem to szczęście, że wystąpiłem na dwóch z nich. … Continue reading EKSPERYMENTALNE WTORKI x2 | EXPERIMENTAL TUESDAYS x2

EXPERIMENTAL TUESDAYS at Sinfonia Varsovia to its City Festival

The festival SINFONIA VARSOVIA TO ITS CITY (in Warsaw of course) is holding a special series of concerts for Contemporary Music this season. They are called Experimental Tuesdays, and they are so. The whole thing - set of events, and this is worthy of respect, is happening LIVE. Meaning - with real audience. Strange to … Continue reading EXPERIMENTAL TUESDAYS at Sinfonia Varsovia to its City Festival

Peszat’s chamber works

I would like to share two really good works by Piotr Peszat for the chamber ensemble composed in 2018. Untitled Folder, here performed with Spółdzielnia Muzyczna Contemporary Ensemble (Cracow), my beloved home ensemble. https://vimeo.com/259994571 Grocery Store Music #5, here performed with Hashtag Ensemble (Warsaw), fantastic group that has invited me to work together few times … Continue reading Peszat’s chamber works

WARSAW AUTUMN 2018 performances

Festival link The glorious festival for new music, with absolutely great traditions and history, is coming soon - The Warsaw Autumn. I have a pleasure to participate in it yet again. This time performing at three concerts: as a member of Spółdzielnia Muzyczna Contemporary Ensemble from Cracow, as a guest of the Hashtag Ensemble from … Continue reading WARSAW AUTUMN 2018 performances

WARSAW AUTUMN 2017 appearances

The 60th Anniversary Warsaw Autumn Festival is coming soon! WEBSITE I most happily wish to invite to three of the concerts at which I will have a privilege to perform, both solo and chamber. SEPTEMBER  15: Graphic scores – launch of Glissando contemporary music magazine, issue #32: record [pl link]    [eng link] Me performing Mani.Gonxha by Pierluigi … Continue reading WARSAW AUTUMN 2017 appearances

Musical graffiti for pianos and percussion

There was a concert one day, and it has started like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqOH-BChiNA On the May 31, 2016 we got the nice opportunity to perform enormous program consisting of music for two pianists and two pecussionists, and a piano-percussion duo. It is always obliging to prepare and present classics. And that concert, and the whole … Continue reading Musical graffiti for pianos and percussion