Performances at 3rd Tehran Contemporary Music Festival


It is my great pleasure to share the news about my participation in the 3rd Tehran Contemporary Music Festival, which will take place in the capital of Iran, in the period of April 21-27.

Moreover, it is my honour to give the Iranian first performances of all the performed works.

My participation in the festival includes two concerts.
The first is more a standard percussion concert including classics of the repertoir for multipercussion and vibraphone, and a work by Iranian composer, which looks like this:


the sky 2. Mov

The second concert is an instrumental performance based on my neverending search for the personal performativity in music including, in short, own arrangements of Aperghis’ texts Zig-Bang and works with limited or no instruments.



18:00, Rudaki Hall

Iannis Xenakis Rebonds A, for percussion (1987-89)
Philippe Hurel Loops II, for vibraphone (2002)
Georges Aperghis Graffitis, for a percussionist (1980)
Nader Mashayekhi The sky is nowhere the same colour, for crotales (2000)
Iannis Xenakis Rebonds B, for percussion (1987-89)


15:00, Black Box: Hafex Hall

Thierry de Mey Silence must be, for a conductor solo (2002)
Georges Aperghis Zig-Bang: Ses muscles, a performance (arr. Wnuk 2018)
Matthew Shlomowitz Hi-Hat and me, for solo percussionist (2010)
François Sarhan Homework, for Body-percussion (2008)
Georges Aperghis Zig-Bang: Suis celui, a performance (arr. Wnuk 2016/18)
Pierluigi Billone Mani.Gonxha, for two Tibethan temple bowls (2012)
Rolf Wallin Scratch, for amplified balloon (1991)


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Recital Scena Supernova 12.04


Zapraszam na taki koncert!

Dwa ekscentryczne performansy muzyczne Aperghisa ze zbioru jego tekstów do spektakli muzycznych Zig-Bang, we własnej aranżacji. Dalej, krótka historyjka nieskomplikowanej relacji pomiędzy człowiekiem a Hi-hatem, pióra Shlomowitza. Ponadto dwie kompozycje klasyczne w repertuarze współczesnego perkusisty, czyli Rebonds Xenakisa na multipercussion i wirtuozowski Loops Hurela na wibrafon. I na koniec, jak już bywało, libertyński Scratch z balonem Wallina.

Czas: 12.04 / g. 20:00

Miejsce: Scena Supernova / Gazowa 21 / Kraków

Wstęp: 15 pln


  • Georges Aperghis Zig-Bang: Ses muscles
  • Matthew Schlomowitz Hi-hat and me
  • Iannis Xenakis Rebonds
  • Philippe Hurel Loops II
  • Georges Aperghis Zig-Bang: Suis celui
  • Rolf Wallin Scratch

I invite you to the concert such as this one:

Two eccentric performance works by Aperghis from his book of texts Zig-Bang (in own arrangement). Then, a short story of uncomplicated relationship between a man and a Hi-Hat, by Shlomowitz. Also, two classics in the percussionists’ repertoir – multipercussion piece Rebonds by Xenakis and virtuoso vibraphone work Loops by Hurel. All that concluded, not for the first time, with the libertine Scratch with a balloon by Wallin.

Time: 12.04 / g. 20:00

Place: Scena Supernova / Gazowa 21 / Cracow

Entry: 15 pln


  • Georges Aperghis Zig-Bang: Ses muscles
  • Matthew Schlomowitz Hi-hat and me
  • Iannis Xenakis Rebonds
  • Philippe Hurel Loops II
  • Georges Aperghis Zig-Bang: Suis celui
  • Rolf Wallin Scratch

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Fotorelacja z Festiwalu Poznańska Wiosna Muzyczna / Photoreport from Poznan Music Spring Festival

Jeden z ważniejszych festiwali muzycznych w Polsce w tym roku już za nami. Serdecznie zapraszam do obejrzenia fotorelacji z mojego solowego recitalu oraz z koncertu Wrocławskiego Trio Perkusyjnego, które miały miejsce w ramach 46. Międzynarodowego Festiwalu Muzyki Współczesnej Poznańska Wiosna Muzyczna.

One of the biggest music festivals in Poland is over this year. I encourage you to see the photoreport from my solo recital and the Wroclaw Percussion Trio concert. Both have taken place during the 46. International Festival of Contemporary Music Poznan Music Spring.

All pictures by Agata Ożarowska-Nowicka

Solo recital program: Thierry De Mey Silence must be, Philippe Manoury Solo de Vibraphone, Pierluigi Billone Mani. Gonxha, Piotr Peszat Jenny’s Soul. Or Dirk’s?, Rolf Wallin Scratch.

Wroclaw Percussion Trio program: Anna Porzyc π works, Stanisław Krupowicz Conversation, Piotr Komorowski Circles, Georges Aperghis Zig-Bang (our own compilation and arrangement).

Trio: Aleksandra Gołaj, Michał Jedynak, Aleksander Wnuk.

New JENNY’S SOUL online

Brand new concert version of Piotr Peszat’s Jenny’s Soul. Or Dirk’s? for percussion solo, audio playback and video, is online.

Be welcome to see and I hope you will enjoy it!

The performance has taken place during ELEMENTI V: TECHNO, the Conference for New Music, on March 19 in Cracow.

Just to mention about the work, HERE is a link to the Post about it.

46. Poznanska Wiosna Muzyczna / 46. Poznan Music Spring

46. Poznańska Wiosna / 46. Poznan Spring

Jeden z głównych festiwali muzycznych w Polsce już wkrótce – 46. Międzynarodowy Festiwal Muzyki Współczesnej Poznańska Wiosna Muzyczna.

W radością zachęcam do odwiedzenia całego festiwalu, a szczególnie zapraszam na drugi jego dzień, tj. 28 marca.

O godzinie 19:00 wystąpię razem z Aleksandrą Gołaj i Michałem Jedynakiem pod szyldem naszego Wrocławskiego Trio Perkusyjnego, z programem zawierającym kompozycje finansowane z programu zamówień kompozytorskich 2016/17, oraz naszą autorską kompilację Zig-Bang Georgesa Aperghisa.

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O 21:30 recital solowy. Program będzie mocno zróżnicowany w kontekście estetycznym i historycznym. Pośród kompozytorów: Philippe Manoury, Pierluigi Billone, Rolf Wallin, Thierry De Mey, i oczywiście Piotr Peszat!

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Oba wydarzenia będą miały miejsce w Sali Wielkiej CK Zamek, ul. Św. Marcin 80/82, 61-809 Poznań.

Do Zobaczenia!

One of the main music festivals in Poland is coming – 46. International Festival of Contemporary Music Poznan Music Spring.

I encourage you to visit the whole festival, but I invite especially  to its second day, March 28.

At 19:00 I will perform together with Aleksandra Gołaj i Michał Jedynak as The Wroclaw Percussion Trio. The program will consist of pieces written for us and financed from the Composition Commisions program 2016/17, and our own compilation of  Zig-Bang by Geoorges Aperghis.

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At 21:30 I will perform a solo recital. The program is going to be very diversed in aesthetical and historical aspects. The composers are: Philippe Manoury, Pierluigi Billone, Rolf Wallin, Thierry De Mey, and obviously Piotr Peszat!

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Both events will take place at the Great Hall of CK Zamek (Poznan Castle), St. Martin Street 80/82, 61-809 Poznań.

Hope to see you!

Musical graffiti for pianos and percussion

There was a concert one day, and it has started like this:

On the May 31, 2016 we got the nice opportunity to perform enormous program consisting of music for two pianists and two pecussionists, and a piano-percussion duo. It is always obliging to prepare and present classics. And that concert, and the whole process, was such experience. Truly, Bartok’s Sonata does not need any comment on its historic significance, nor on delight of playing it.

Fantasmagoria, Serocki’s duo is a remarkable instance of Polish sonorism, and probably one if the greatest works for piano and percussion ever composed. Hope we have rised to the occasion, enhancing rich sonic universe with our DuoEgo driving force and vigor.

While the first part of the show was around 40 minutes of physicality-demanding  music, in the second part we have done our best to bring the public to a completely paralel universe of soundscape by performing another absolute classic. Crumb’s Music of a summer evening, an over 40 minutes work from his Makrokosmos, is undeniably one of the most touching artistic journey. Enjoy!

Clips courtesy of Cultura Animi.

The concert has taken place in The Witold Lutoslawski Concert Studio in Warsaw, on the May 31, 2016, during the festival Trzy-Czte-Ry.


Martyna Zakrzewska, piano

Aleksandra Świgut, piano

Aleksander Wnuk, percussion

Bartosz Sałdan, percussion

Program: Bela Bartok Sonata for two pianos and percussion, Kazimierz Serocki Fantasmagoria, George Crumb Music for a summer evening (Makrokosmos III).

Thank you Martyna, Ola and Bartek. You are indescribably marvelous!

Most sincere regards to Maciej Grzybowski.


Jenny’s soul. Or Dirk’s?

It was in March 2016 when Piotr Peszat and me have met for the first time to talk over a certain idea. An idea of a brand new work for one percussionist with multi media. To keep a little bit of secret, until the time comes to reveal more, I will not expatiate this story too much at the moment.

Jenny's soul. Or Dirk's?

Nevertheless, Jenny’s soul. Or Dirk’s? is written for percussion, audio playback and video. The concept and material have been developed together in the process of work-in-progress, by Piotr – composer and me – performer.

The work calls for a quite extensive technology and drum playing technique, based on some hand-drumming, first adapted by Georges Aperghis in his works in 70’s and 80′, and then developed by myself.

Jenny's soul. Or Dirk's? - drum material

Jenny was premiered recently, on November 20., at the 24. Audio Art Festival in Cracow, Poland. It was during the monographic concert of Piotr Peszat’s music presenting six works from the cycle Erwachsenen-Szene. [POST LINK]

It is my pleasure to present you a concert recording of a mentioned performance of Jenny’s soul. Or Dirk’s?