In a box / W pudełku

fot. Agata Ożarowska Nowicka     fot. Oriol Pares/ Bartłomiej Sutt

Rolf Wallin Scratch
Simon Steen-Andersen Black Box Music

New Music Orchestra / Orkiestra Muzyki Nowej
Szymon Bywalec – artistic director
Simon Steen-Andersen – electronics
Tomek Szczepaniak – solist
Aleksander Wnuk – artistic direction in the Scratch by Rolf Wallin

I am not sure which part of this event is most exciting.

First, Rolf Wallin’s Scratch – a piece for amplified balloon – is absolutely a fantastic work, not only for being funny just because it is composed for balloon. It is not that trivial! But also for being very musical, due to variety of sounds and narrative form. Of course, it is theatrical, or to say – performative. But in the end, it is very special and distinctive piece of music.
Nevetheless, there is another side of Scratch. The score is not written in the paper. It is in Rolf’s head, and one learns it from him personally. A skype sessions with balloon in arms and the wet floor around – you can imagine. Also the balloons themselves ale special ones, to get for price not that low – and they are the only ones (cannot say the brand here, sorry). Even soap-water proportion is a mistery. On those all levels (with the musical one as well) it is a challange like no other.
To the point. We do it a special way in Katowice. At this point I thank you Rolf for trusting me. And here is why. I am very happy to take the responsibility and face the challange of teaching and leading artistically two percussion players from the New Music Orchestra, my colleagues – Wojciech Herzyk and Adam Bonk. We will perform a trio version of Scratch. So far, I was featured the only one in Poland to continuously  performing a solo version (the original one). Now, I am fortunate and awarded with this opportunity to do own version for three balloons. And we are creating it all together, the three of us. Will see how this goes, but so far great to working with you guys! 

Second. You, as an audience, will have a great opportunity to experience an oustanding work be Simon Steen-Andersen. Black Box Music will be performed in Poland for the first time.
I am joing the New Music Orchestra for this performance, the oldest ensemble specializing in Contemporary Music in Poland. And it is for the first time. Thank you Szymon Bywalec for inviting me to this one!

Third and final. The soloist in Black Box is my friend and dear colleague Tomek Szczepaniak. We have studied together in Copenhagen and this will be the first time to perform together on stage since that period – already a couple of years ago (by my calculations some five years). Cannot wait.

Here are some details:
Sunday / 18:00
Katowice / NOSPR / Chamber Hall


Hope to see you
Happy New Year

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Carpathian New Wave, vol.1 / ALEKSANDER WNUK
workshop + performance

Carpathian New Wave

FEBRUARY 15-16, Presov, Slovakia

– Workshop #1 / 18-21 [LINK]
– Workshop #2 / 11:30-13:30
– Workshop #3 / 17:30-18:30
– Performance / 20 [LINK]

Program for the performance:
– Georges Aperghis Graffitis for solo percussionist (1980)
– Georges Aperghis Zig-Bang New Wave Version for a group of hanging out people (2019)
– Francois Sarhan Situation 7: Imagination for two performers (2015), with Elia Moretti
– Rolf Wallin Scratch for amplified Balloon (1995)

CARPATHIAN NEW WAVE is a series of sound workshops and performances of contemporary artists from the Carpathian region. The first artist will be Aleksander Wnuk, a polish percussion player who is developing his specific research on the performativity of sound and body as a performer / musician.

The workshop and the performance are focused on the distinctive style of organizing the quasi-theatrical aspects of instrumental performance by the musical parameters. It is a sensibility and spirit of the individual performer, and his personality, that drive the dramaturgy and ambience, yet it is all within space of the composition that is pre-determined by the composer. The greatest composer of this language is Georges Aperghis.

The workshop will be divided in two parts:
1. Introduction on the idea of this language of performativity (15.02)
2. Arranging the piece (15-16.02)

The piece shall be a small choice of short texts from Aperghis’ book Zig-Bang. Texts will be translated into music and arranged into the quasi-theatrical situation. The worksop will need the amount of people interested in cooperating in this style.
However, it will be necessary to have musical instruments, so local musicians are welcome, but definitely not only (the instrument can be anything). The texts would be sent prior the workshop date to those who are interested, in order to make them familiar with the situation. The workshop will be focused on the plurality of personal approaches and imaginations of the participants.
The exact quasi-theatrical situations will be arranged on spot, yet the general idea, including solo performer, will already be pre-determined. The result will become the part of the performance on the February 16th. Or it will become the stage arrangement of the whole evening show, within which the solo pieces and some small solo moments will occur.

In order to participate to the workshop is necessary to attend to the three parts. Participation is free, reservation is necessary.
To reserve your participation, or ask any further information, please write to the address

Produced by Matróna and Združenie Wave.
Carpathian New Wave is supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.


Performances at 3rd Tehran Contemporary Music Festival


It is my great pleasure to share the news about my participation in the 3rd Tehran Contemporary Music Festival, which will take place in the capital of Iran, in the period of April 21-27.

Moreover, it is my honour to give the Iranian first performances of all the performed works.

My participation in the festival includes two concerts.
The first is more a standard percussion concert including classics of the repertoir for multipercussion and vibraphone, and a work by Iranian composer, which looks like this:


the sky 2. Mov

The second concert is an instrumental performance based on my neverending search for the personal performativity in music including, in short, own arrangements of Aperghis’ texts Zig-Bang and works with limited or no instruments.



18:00, Rudaki Hall

Iannis Xenakis Rebonds A, for percussion (1987-89)
Philippe Hurel Loops II, for vibraphone (2002)
Georges Aperghis Graffitis, for a percussionist (1980)
Nader Mashayekhi The sky is nowhere the same colour, for crotales (2000)
Iannis Xenakis Rebonds B, for percussion (1987-89)


15:00, Black Box: Hafex Hall

Thierry de Mey Silence must be, for a conductor solo (2002)
Georges Aperghis Zig-Bang: Ses muscles, a performance (arr. Wnuk 2018)
Matthew Shlomowitz Hi-Hat and me, for solo percussionist (2010)
François Sarhan Homework, for Body-percussion (2008)
Georges Aperghis Zig-Bang: Suis celui, a performance (arr. Wnuk 2016/18)
Pierluigi Billone Mani.Gonxha, for two Tibethan temple bowls (2012)
Rolf Wallin Scratch, for amplified balloon (1991)


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Fotorelacja z Festiwalu Poznańska Wiosna Muzyczna / Photoreport from Poznan Music Spring Festival

Jeden z ważniejszych festiwali muzycznych w Polsce w tym roku już za nami. Serdecznie zapraszam do obejrzenia fotorelacji z mojego solowego recitalu oraz z koncertu Wrocławskiego Trio Perkusyjnego, które miały miejsce w ramach 46. Międzynarodowego Festiwalu Muzyki Współczesnej Poznańska Wiosna Muzyczna.

One of the biggest music festivals in Poland is over this year. I encourage you to see the photoreport from my solo recital and the Wroclaw Percussion Trio concert. Both have taken place during the 46. International Festival of Contemporary Music Poznan Music Spring.

All pictures by Agata Ożarowska-Nowicka

Solo recital program: Thierry De Mey Silence must be, Philippe Manoury Solo de Vibraphone, Pierluigi Billone Mani. Gonxha, Piotr Peszat Jenny’s Soul. Or Dirk’s?, Rolf Wallin Scratch.

Wroclaw Percussion Trio program: Anna Porzyc π works, Stanisław Krupowicz Conversation, Piotr Komorowski Circles, Georges Aperghis Zig-Bang (our own compilation and arrangement).

Trio: Aleksandra Gołaj, Michał Jedynak, Aleksander Wnuk.

Audycja z Poznańskiej Wiosny Muzycznej w Radio Afera

mani. gonxha (billone)
fot. Agata Ożarowska-Nowicka

Serdecznie zapraszam do wysłuchania, lub ponownego wysłuchania, audycji radiowej Tomasza Misiaka z cyklu Muzyka Nieuczesana, na antenie Radio Afera, której gościem była Monika Pasiecznik, z dnia 30 marca.

Rozmawiali oni o pierwszych dniach 46. Międzynarodowego Festiwalu Muzyki Współczesnej Poznańska Wiosna Muzyczna, także o moim recitalu z dnia 28 marca, który miałem przyjemność zaprezentować przemiłej widowni festiwalowej. Ale nie tylko tym, wiec zachęcam do odsłuchania całości.


Poniżej link do strony z pozostałymi audycjami z cyklu.

LINK do Muzyka Nieuczesana.

46. Poznanska Wiosna Muzyczna / 46. Poznan Music Spring

46. Poznańska Wiosna / 46. Poznan Spring

Jeden z głównych festiwali muzycznych w Polsce już wkrótce – 46. Międzynarodowy Festiwal Muzyki Współczesnej Poznańska Wiosna Muzyczna.

W radością zachęcam do odwiedzenia całego festiwalu, a szczególnie zapraszam na drugi jego dzień, tj. 28 marca.

O godzinie 19:00 wystąpię razem z Aleksandrą Gołaj i Michałem Jedynakiem pod szyldem naszego Wrocławskiego Trio Perkusyjnego, z programem zawierającym kompozycje finansowane z programu zamówień kompozytorskich 2016/17, oraz naszą autorską kompilację Zig-Bang Georgesa Aperghisa.

FB link

O 21:30 recital solowy. Program będzie mocno zróżnicowany w kontekście estetycznym i historycznym. Pośród kompozytorów: Philippe Manoury, Pierluigi Billone, Rolf Wallin, Thierry De Mey, i oczywiście Piotr Peszat!

FB link

Oba wydarzenia będą miały miejsce w Sali Wielkiej CK Zamek, ul. Św. Marcin 80/82, 61-809 Poznań.

Do Zobaczenia!

One of the main music festivals in Poland is coming – 46. International Festival of Contemporary Music Poznan Music Spring.

I encourage you to visit the whole festival, but I invite especially  to its second day, March 28.

At 19:00 I will perform together with Aleksandra Gołaj i Michał Jedynak as The Wroclaw Percussion Trio. The program will consist of pieces written for us and financed from the Composition Commisions program 2016/17, and our own compilation of  Zig-Bang by Geoorges Aperghis.

FB link

At 21:30 I will perform a solo recital. The program is going to be very diversed in aesthetical and historical aspects. The composers are: Philippe Manoury, Pierluigi Billone, Rolf Wallin, Thierry De Mey, and obviously Piotr Peszat!

FB link

Both events will take place at the Great Hall of CK Zamek (Poznan Castle), St. Martin Street 80/82, 61-809 Poznań.

Hope to see you!

IOI #28 Bożek, Korolczuk, Wnuk

Instytut Intuicji zaprasza na kolejny koncert muzyki swobodnie improwizowanej!

Tym razem poprzedzi go mój solowy set. W programie znajdą się utwory Panów: Philippe Manoury, Rolf Wallin i Thierry De Mey.

W części improwizowanej zagrają:

Marcin Bożek – gitara basowa
Kamil Korolczuk – elektronika
Paulina Owczarek – saksofon altowy
Aleksander Wnuk – perkusja

Czas: 23.03.2017, godz. 19:00

Miejsce: Miejsce: Galeria i!, Józefińska 21, Kraków

Wstęp: 10 zło

FB link

MARCIN BOŻEK – gitara basowa. Muzyk, improwizator, kompozytor. Absolwent Wydziału Jazzu i Muzyki Rozrywkowej Akademii Muzycznej w Katowicach. Laureat wielu nagród w międzynarodowych konkursach i festiwalach. Od 2007 roku współtworzy polską scenę muzyki improv. Improwizuje z muzykami, aktorami, malarzami artystami, tancerzami oraz solo.

KAMIL KOROLCZUK – improwizator. Współtworzył zespół Lanza! i niezależne wydawnictwo OSORecords. Mieszkając w Londynie udzielał się na tamtejszej scenie muzyki improwizowanej i noise.
Używa syntezatorów, efektów, taśm audio i różnego rodzaju procesów przetwarzania dźwięku, często wykorzystując sprzężenia zwrotne, plądrofonię i zapętlenia. Ma za sobą koncerty w Polsce, Wielkiej Brytanii i Hiszpanii.