In a box / W pudełku

fot. Agata Ożarowska Nowicka     fot. Oriol Pares/ Bartłomiej Sutt

Rolf Wallin Scratch
Simon Steen-Andersen Black Box Music

New Music Orchestra / Orkiestra Muzyki Nowej
Szymon Bywalec – artistic director
Simon Steen-Andersen – electronics
Tomek Szczepaniak – solist
Aleksander Wnuk – artistic direction in the Scratch by Rolf Wallin

I am not sure which part of this event is most exciting.

First, Rolf Wallin’s Scratch – a piece for amplified balloon – is absolutely a fantastic work, not only for being funny just because it is composed for balloon. It is not that trivial! But also for being very musical, due to variety of sounds and narrative form. Of course, it is theatrical, or to say – performative. But in the end, it is very special and distinctive piece of music.
Nevetheless, there is another side of Scratch. The score is not written in the paper. It is in Rolf’s head, and one learns it from him personally. A skype sessions with balloon in arms and the wet floor around – you can imagine. Also the balloons themselves ale special ones, to get for price not that low – and they are the only ones (cannot say the brand here, sorry). Even soap-water proportion is a mistery. On those all levels (with the musical one as well) it is a challange like no other.
To the point. We do it a special way in Katowice. At this point I thank you Rolf for trusting me. And here is why. I am very happy to take the responsibility and face the challange of teaching and leading artistically two percussion players from the New Music Orchestra, my colleagues – Wojciech Herzyk and Adam Bonk. We will perform a trio version of Scratch. So far, I was featured the only one in Poland to continuously  performing a solo version (the original one). Now, I am fortunate and awarded with this opportunity to do own version for three balloons. And we are creating it all together, the three of us. Will see how this goes, but so far great to working with you guys! 

Second. You, as an audience, will have a great opportunity to experience an oustanding work be Simon Steen-Andersen. Black Box Music will be performed in Poland for the first time.
I am joing the New Music Orchestra for this performance, the oldest ensemble specializing in Contemporary Music in Poland. And it is for the first time. Thank you Szymon Bywalec for inviting me to this one!

Third and final. The soloist in Black Box is my friend and dear colleague Tomek Szczepaniak. We have studied together in Copenhagen and this will be the first time to perform together on stage since that period – already a couple of years ago (by my calculations some five years). Cannot wait.

Here are some details:
Sunday / 18:00
Katowice / NOSPR / Chamber Hall


Hope to see you
Happy New Year

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