Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends, artists...I wish to present and share with you LUPNIK, my new album released just now. Lupnik is not only a solo album with my own music. It is a sound concept which I will be expanding and enriching in long term, alone and by cooperative exploration. lupnik /lupɲik/ — man-magnifier, intimately fixing … Continue reading LUPNIK is OUT!

In a box / W pudełku

      Program Rolf Wallin Scratch Simon Steen-Andersen Black Box Music Performers New Music Orchestra / Orkiestra Muzyki Nowej Szymon Bywalec – artistic director Simon Steen-Andersen – electronics Tomek Szczepaniak – solist Aleksander Wnuk – artistic direction in the Scratch by Rolf Wallin I am not sure which part of this event is most exciting. First, Rolf … Continue reading In a box / W pudełku