RITUAL: EN FACE in picture

fot. Dominika Wiak

RITUAL: EN FACE was a concert that took place at the 10th International Musica Electronica Nova Festival.
It was on May 30. 2021, at the National Forum of Music in Wrocław, Poland (Red Hall).

The program was:

Sarah Nemtsov En Face: Solitude for solo percussionist (2020) – World premiere
Ivo Malec Triola ou Symphonie pour moi-même: I. Turpituda for electronics (1978)
Nicole Lizée Katana of Choice for solo extended drum-kit, electronics and video (2014, 2016) – EU/Polish Premiere
Ivo Malec Triola ou Symphonie pour moi-même: III. Nuda for electronics (1978)
Piotr Peszat Jenny’s Soul. Or Dirk’s? for solo percussionist, audio playback and video (2016, 2020) – live Polish premiere of the new version

So, basically an extended percussion solo recital with an electronic music intermissions, so to say.

The performers:

Aleksander Wnuk – percussion solo
Pierre Jodlowski – sound projection
Piotr Peszat – multimedia

You can read more about it when following the links:
> About the En Face recital program
> Festival link
> Brochure [EN/PL]

LIVE (©Sławek Przerwa/NFM)

REHEARSAL PICTURES (by Grzegorz Wnuk / ©Aleksander Wnuk)

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