Spółdzielnia Muzyczna contemporary ensemble

Spółdzielnia Muzyczna / Musicians Associated Contemporary Ensemble



Małgorzata Mikulska — flute[s]
Krzysztof Guńka — saxophone[s]
Wiktor Krzak — bassoon
Mateusz Rusowicz — trumpet, conductror
Michał Lazar — guitar[s]
Aleksander Wnuk — percussion
Martyna Zakrzewska — piano, MIDI
Barbara Mglej — violin
Paulina Woś — violin
Gabriela Biel — viola
Jakub Gucik — cello
Piotr Peszat — composer, multimedia, management

fot. Grzegorz Mart

In 2014, a group of Krakow-based musicians, who had performed together as part of the European Workshop for Contemporary Music,attended Darmstadt’s International Summer Courses for New Music. So an idea was born to maintain the already fruitful collaboration, now in the shape of a regular ensemble, soon to be named Spółdzielnia Muzyczna (Musicians’ Community).

We share passion for contemporary music: both Polish and foreign, European as well as originating from other continents, known or still waiting to be discovered—such that makes us and our audiences grow and develop. We play chamber music, in the broadest sense of the term: ranging from solo compositions to those involving more than a dozen instrumentalists. Adopting equal partnership as a guiding principle, we aim our efforts at uniting different personalities to form a novel whole—that is why we call ourselves Musicians’ Community.

Musicians’ Community is an amalgam of personalities, and each one of us deserves credit for his or her own, individual achievements in music. Martyna Zakrzewskapianist studying under the supervision of David Smyers in Cologne, where she also learns contemporary improvisation with Paul Alvares—took part in the last year’s prestigious ARD competition in Munich. Among other ensembles, she has worked with musikFabrik. She was awarded special prize in the 10th Young Performers’ 20th– and 21st-Century Music Competition in Radziejowice. Gabriela Biel embraced the opportunity to work with members of Scharoun Ensemble der Berliner Philharmoniker, performing a conjoint concert in Berlin. Barbara Borowicz remains the only Polish interpreter of In Freundschaft for solo clarinet to hold a certificate of faithfulness to Karlheinz Stockhausen’s intentions. She is currently broadening her education in Vienna, under Suzanne Stephens—one of the most eminent performers of that composer’s output. Michał Lazar does not restrict himself to contemporary guitar music; he also pursues composition. Recently, a piece of his won first prize in the 1st International Composition Contest accompanying the 1st International Artistic and Academic Conference ‘Guitar as a solo instrument and in chamber music’. Percussionist Bartosz Sałdan is the awardee of, among other things, second prize in the 10th International Independent Music Competition ‚Individualis’ in Kiev. It is hardly possible to overestimate the contribution of Piotr Peszat—composer whose works have been performed at the most important events for new music, such as Warsaw Autumn, Lucerne Festival or Donaueschingen Festival, by the likes of Klangforum Wien, musikFabrikand Ensemble Recherche. One honour he received worth a mention is the highly regarded Roche Young Commission, given by Pierre Boulez.

Besides, we—as members of the European Workshop for Contemporary Music—have had the privilege to work with instrumentalists representing groups like Ensemble Moderne and Ensemble Garage. All in all, we owe a lot to EWCM’s chief conductor Rüdiger Bohn.

Over the course of our independent activity, by now spanning over a year, three musicians from the ensemble—Barbara Borowicz, Gabriela Biel and Bartosz Sałdan—worked with Helmut Lachenmann on interpreting his Trio fluido. Subsequent performance of the piece took place at the Brand New Music Festival in Katowice. The Community also featured in Kraków’s festival aXes – the New Music Triduum, Musica Moderna Festival in Łódź, including pieces by Artur Zagajewski and Marta Śniady composed specifically for Musicians’ Community as well as Warsaw Autumn Festival, Sacrum Profanum and Audio Art Festival.

Musicians’ Community is one of the first contemporary music ensembles in Poland. On that account the programmes we present have been diverse from the very beginning: our concerts made features of solo and chamber music both Polish and foreign, written by long-standing composers as well as the youngest generation thereof. We attach utmost importance to variety and newness. Each musician gathers individual experience outside the ensemble too, either in different manifestations of the contemporary, such as blues and jazz, or in early music. This versatility is mirrored in openness to unconventional ideas and artistic decisions.

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