ALEKSANDER WNUK, multi-percussionist / performer / PhD in Art

“He always strives for perfection in his playing and a very personal performance by involving his artistic emotionality. Through a large portion of talent, combined with an enormous motivation, he has already become an experienced musician with a personal voice in the field of solo performing.” [Gert Mortensen]

Born in 1987, I’ve begun my journey with music education at the age of 7, in my home town Rzeszów, Southern Poland.

Throughout the years, I’ve participated in numerous musical events as a member of percussion groups, chamber ensembles, diverse non-classical bands, symphonic orchestras; and as a solo musician. I’ve experienced various musical genres from Classical to Pop, from Ethnic to Experimantal. Eventually, I’ve realized that playing music is basically my whole life. It’s also a great source of inspiration which I’m constantly discovering.

In essence, I’ve completely devoted myself to music – just like my role-models. While studying in Gdańsk (Northern Poland), I decided to take a leap forward in advancing my skills: I’ve moved to Copenhagen (Denmark) to study with Prof. Gert Mortensen, at The Royal Danish Academy of Music.

Getting out of my comfort zone, changing the environment, and learning new techniques helped me grow both as a professional and as a man. After graduating with Master’s Degrees in both cities, Gdańsk and Copenhagen, I’ve started the Advanced Postgraduate program – the Soloist Class – at the Danish conservatory, which I’ve graduated in November 2014.

My goal has alway been to expand my personality. During the World Percussion Shows in Denmark: Global Voices (2010) and Globo Beats (2013). I was co-operating with a variety of artist from musical cultures around the Globe. By working with Prof. Christian Dierstein, Håkon Stene, James Wood and number of great contemporary composers, including Georges Aperghis, at the Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik in Darmstadt (2016) and Impuls Academy for Contemporary Music in Graz (2013, 2015), I have found a great supplement to enrich all my experience gained in Scandinavia, to create my artistic language.

Being back in Poland, I am active as a freelance musician, co-operating with a numerous artists of various fields. I am building my own musical career as soloist and chamber musician, in the fields of contemporary music in general, including classical modern, free improvisation, theater and film music, and folk/ethnic music. I am a member of Spółdzielnia Muzyczna Contemporary Ensemble (Musicians’ Community Contemporary Ensemble), Wroclaw Percussion Trio, Krakow Improvisers Orchestra, Echoes of Peace, W/L duo and also co-operating with Hashtag Ensemble, The Slowacki Theater and Scena Supernova. I am also working with orchestras around the country, including the cities Cracow, Warsaw and Rzeszów.

In the field of scientific work, I am a Doctor of Arts, with this academic degree obtained at the Academy of Music in Cracow, under the direction of Prof. Jan Pilch.

Last but not least, I’m very proud to be a part of prestigious musical events, such as: Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik in Darmstadt, Tehran International Contemporary Music Festival, Warsaw Autumn Festival, Poznan Music Spring Festival, Audio Art Festival in Cracow, Kody Festival for Musical Tradition and Avantgarde in Lublin, Istanbul Music Festival, Contasts Festival for Contemporary Music in Lviv, The Impuls Contemporary Music Festival and Academy in Graz, Pulsar Contemporary Music Festival in Copenhagen, Musica Privata Festival in Łódź, ARD International Music Competition in Munich. While touring around Europe and China, as solo, chamber and symphonic musician, just to mention with Baltic Sea Youth Philharmonic, I Culture Orchestra,  Percurama Percussion Ensemble and others, I was led to such concert halls as Wiener Musikverein, Berliner Konzerthaus, DR Koncerthus, Harpa Hall, EXPO 2010 Art Center.

I’m always thrilled to share my knowledge and expertise with anyone who has similar passion for excellence and emotionality in music.

[PL] Aleksander Wnuk BIOGRAM

[PL] Aleksander Wnuk CV

[EN] Aleksander Wnuk BIO

[EN] Aleksander Wnuk CV


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