Lupnik is not only a solo album with my own music. It is a sound concept which I will be expanding and enriching in long term, alone and by cooperative exploration.

lupnik /lupɲik/ — man-magnifier, intimately fixing his senses on an infinitely small space

The music of Lupnik is designed for, and performed on, a specially arranged set of objects, instruments and hardware. Elementary sounds are being produced and processed through percussive and post-percussive practices, and then enhanced using a mixer, which turns out to be one more instrument; the ‘saturation’ becomes one of the constituents of the soundscape. The basic idea for the material and the ways of using it was inspired by the sensual features of Matter Painting.

In this context, the word ‘Lupnik’ is to be seen as newspeak, a lexical play engaged in for the purposes of this particular project. The concept of fixing one’s senses intimately—and so acting as a man-magnifier—deals with physical experience; it’s about being entangled in tangible details of sound, on my part as well as on that of the listener.

This music is intended for neither laptop nor smartphone speakers. For optimum experience, use hi-fi speakers or headphones.

Aleksander Wnuk
music, concept, production, instruments and objects

Michał Lazar
guest appearance on guitar synthesizer (last track)

Daniel ‘Ziółek’ Bigaj
record, mix and master

Paweł Krzywdziak
artwork and layout

Recorded and mixed at MCDiS Studios, July-November 2020

Opus Series / Requiem Records 53|2021

℗© 2021 Aleksander Wnuk

Supported by the Creative Scholarship of the City of Kraków 2020 and ZAiKS