Carpathian New Wave, vol.1 / ALEKSANDER WNUK
workshop + performance

Carpathian New Wave

FEBRUARY 15-16, Presov, Slovakia

– Workshop #1 / 18-21 [LINK]
– Workshop #2 / 11:30-13:30
– Workshop #3 / 17:30-18:30
– Performance / 20 [LINK]

Program for the performance:
– Georges Aperghis Graffitis for solo percussionist (1980)
– Georges Aperghis Zig-Bang New Wave Version for a group of hanging out people (2019)
– Francois Sarhan Situation 7: Imagination for two performers (2015), with Elia Moretti
– Rolf Wallin Scratch for amplified Balloon (1995)

CARPATHIAN NEW WAVE is a series of sound workshops and performances of contemporary artists from the Carpathian region. The first artist will be Aleksander Wnuk, a polish percussion player who is developing his specific research on the performativity of sound and body as a performer / musician.

The workshop and the performance are focused on the distinctive style of organizing the quasi-theatrical aspects of instrumental performance by the musical parameters. It is a sensibility and spirit of the individual performer, and his personality, that drive the dramaturgy and ambience, yet it is all within space of the composition that is pre-determined by the composer. The greatest composer of this language is Georges Aperghis.

The workshop will be divided in two parts:
1. Introduction on the idea of this language of performativity (15.02)
2. Arranging the piece (15-16.02)

The piece shall be a small choice of short texts from Aperghis’ book Zig-Bang. Texts will be translated into music and arranged into the quasi-theatrical situation. The worksop will need the amount of people interested in cooperating in this style.
However, it will be necessary to have musical instruments, so local musicians are welcome, but definitely not only (the instrument can be anything). The texts would be sent prior the workshop date to those who are interested, in order to make them familiar with the situation. The workshop will be focused on the plurality of personal approaches and imaginations of the participants.
The exact quasi-theatrical situations will be arranged on spot, yet the general idea, including solo performer, will already be pre-determined. The result will become the part of the performance on the February 16th. Or it will become the stage arrangement of the whole evening show, within which the solo pieces and some small solo moments will occur.

In order to participate to the workshop is necessary to attend to the three parts. Participation is free, reservation is necessary.
To reserve your participation, or ask any further information, please write to the address

Produced by Matróna and Združenie Wave.
Carpathian New Wave is supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.



Music Olomouc 2018


I hereby invite to my solo recital at MusicOlomouc, contemporary music festival in Olomouc, Czech Republic.
There, I will perform an over 70 minutes program which will consist of quite physical works, mostly performed in Czech Republic for the first time. And with special focus on Piotr Peszat’s Jenny’ Soul. Or Dirk’s?, which was created back in 2016 in our common, work-in-progress, composition process.
One of the premieres will be a World Premiere of a crazy noise work by Cory Bracken (NY, USA), composed for my, and comissioned by the festival. A work for an insane set of stuff consisting of a door spring mounted on a snare drum, various sliders and thimbers, combs, bows, varied vibrators, milk frotters, chains and contact mics.
Moreover, it will be my own first festival performance of the solo percussion piece by Michel van der Aa which, next to Cory’s work, is a new addition to my repertoir.
I hope that those of you who will attend the festival, will enjoy my personal interpretations of Aperghis, Billone and Sarhan as well.
Hope to meet you there!

Sunday 14. 10. 2018, 19.00 
Divadlo na cucky

program [LINK]

Jenny´s Soul. Or Dirks´? (2016) 

Mani. Gonxha (2012)

I’m at ocean level moisture with these life hacks (2018), PREMIERE 

Homework (2008)

Solo for percussion (1997) 

Graffitis (1980) 


Performances at 3rd Tehran Contemporary Music Festival


It is my great pleasure to share the news about my participation in the 3rd Tehran Contemporary Music Festival, which will take place in the capital of Iran, in the period of April 21-27.

Moreover, it is my honour to give the Iranian first performances of all the performed works.

My participation in the festival includes two concerts.
The first is more a standard percussion concert including classics of the repertoir for multipercussion and vibraphone, and a work by Iranian composer, which looks like this:


the sky 2. Mov

The second concert is an instrumental performance based on my neverending search for the personal performativity in music including, in short, own arrangements of Aperghis’ texts Zig-Bang and works with limited or no instruments.



18:00, Rudaki Hall

Iannis Xenakis Rebonds A, for percussion (1987-89)
Philippe Hurel Loops II, for vibraphone (2002)
Georges Aperghis Graffitis, for a percussionist (1980)
Nader Mashayekhi The sky is nowhere the same colour, for crotales (2000)
Iannis Xenakis Rebonds B, for percussion (1987-89)


15:00, Black Box: Hafex Hall

Thierry de Mey Silence must be, for a conductor solo (2002)
Georges Aperghis Zig-Bang: Ses muscles, a performance (arr. Wnuk 2018)
Matthew Shlomowitz Hi-Hat and me, for solo percussionist (2010)
François Sarhan Homework, for Body-percussion (2008)
Georges Aperghis Zig-Bang: Suis celui, a performance (arr. Wnuk 2016/18)
Pierluigi Billone Mani.Gonxha, for two Tibethan temple bowls (2012)
Rolf Wallin Scratch, for amplified balloon (1991)


Logo-Ambasada-RP-w-Teheranie-POL-EPS        123

4x solo: Wnuk-Zakrzewska-Sałdan-Gucik

1404 plakat



Data / Date: 14.04.2018 / 20:00

Miejsce / Place: Sala Koncertowa Akademii Muzycznej w Krakowie, Św. Tomasza 43 / Concert Hall of the Academy of Music in Cracow, St. Thomas 43

Wstęp wolny / Free admition



Martyna Zakrzewska, fortepian / piano
Piotr Peszat (1990) Grocery Store Music #3 (2017) [10’]
Karlheinz Stockhausen (1928-2007) Klavierstück V (1954) [6’]

Aleksander Wnuk, perkusja / percussion
Georges Aperghis (1945) Graffitis (1980) [15]’

Bartosz Sałdan, perkusja / percussion
Jesus Torres (ur. 1965) Proteus (2004) [12’]

Jakub Gucik, wiolonczela / cello
Peteris Vasks (ur. 1946) Gramata cellam (1978) [13’]


CONTRASTS: Trajectory of sound

CONTRASTS: Trajectory of sound

I kindly invite you to visit Lviv and see the Contrasts 2016 Festival for Contemporary Music in the period of 30.09.-9.10.

I am going to perform there on the October 1, at ca. 23:00, at the Lviv Philharmony House.

On the October 2, at 13:00, I am going to give a workshop/interview on the composer-percussionist relation in modern music.

Visit the festival’s website HERE. To see the program of Oct. 1 go HERE.

CONTRASTS: Trajectory of sound

Serdecznie zapraszam do Lwowa na Festiwal Muzyki Współczesnej Contrasts 2016, który odbędzie się w terminie 30.09.-9.10.

1 października wystąpię tam z recitalem, ok. godz. 23:00, w Filharmonii Lwowskiej.

2 października będę miał przyjemność poprowadzić wykład o aspektach relacji kompozytor-perkusista w muzyce współczesnej.

Zapraszam na stronę festiwalu TUTAJ. Aby zobaczyć program na 1.10 idź TUTAJ.


Per Nørgård / DK / * 1932 /
I Ching, III mvt: The gentle, the penetrating (1982) **

Georges Aperghis/GR-FR/*1945/
Graffitis (1980)**

Pierluigi Billone/IT/*1960/
Mani. Gonxha (2012)**

Poul Ruders/DK/*1949/
Alarm (1983)**

** – Ukrainian premiere


Relacja z koncertu

Mourning - Maska 19.10.2015 (fot. Paweł Dubiel)

Zapraszam do obejrzenia mini wywiadu oraz krótkiej relacji z koncertu, który odbył się 19 października w Teatrze Maska w Rzeszowie.

link: Stacja Rzeszów Główny (00:02:55 – 00:09:00)

Przypomnę tylko, że był to koncert-spektakl w wykonaniu moim oraz teatru Beautiful Flowers. Przy okazji mój pierwszy, tego typu, koncert w moim mieście. W programie znalazły się:

Mourning Dove Sonnet, Christopher Deane

Graffitis, Georges Aperghis

I Ching, Per Nørgård (części III i IV)

Dziękuję wszystkim zaangażowanym w wydarzenie, w szczególności Estradzie Rzeszowskiej, oraz wszystkim widzom.

Do zobaczenia!

Koncert-Spektakl w Teatrze Maska

Zapraszam chętnych zaczerpnięcia odrobiny kultury w niecodziennej formie na koncert-spektakl.

Odbędzie się on 19.10 w Teatrze Maska w Rzeszowie, o godz. 19:00

Na początku wystąpię ja, czyli Aleksander Wnuk, z multi-perkusyjnym programem solo. Po przerwie teatr Beautiful Flowers z Ukrainy, ze spektaklem RED.

Wszyscy zainteresowani Rzeszowiacy są bardzo mile widziani.
Zaś każdy nie Rzeszowianin, który zechciałby przyjechać do naszego miasta aby uczestniczyć w tym wydarzeniu, jest widziany równie miło 🙂

Organizatorem jest Estrada Rzeszowska​ i Teatr Maska.

link do wydarzenia

Do zobaczenia!