These three recordings are homage to the three composers and their three pieces I have been performing ever since I have learned them while still being a student, until very last year of 2020. Not saying I will never do again. Surely, especially Apeghis is still on my actual repertoir list, as Graffitis is definitely “a story” to be told by myself many times over. It is always new, fresh, full of emotions and personality.

These video recordings are studio ones. So, no audience! Seems normal nowadays? Makes a great difference, especially for Aperghis music. So, just be aware of this fact, as this performance varies a lot from the live one.

Graffitis, Mani.Gonxha, Alarm, and also Homework by Francois Sarhan in addition to these, where all groundwork for my PhD thesis, written under supervision of Prof. Jan Pilch, and defended in 2019 at The Penderecki Academy of Music in Cracow. These works where also steps in understanding music from certain perspective, and an inspiration for changes.

I feel, it is the last moment to share wth you the recordings made in 2018, as part of my PhD. They may get old soon, same as some of other recordings there are online 🙂
So please enjoy!

Video: Jarosław Moździerz
Audio: Daniel „Ziółek” Bigaj

Recorded at MCDiS Studio in February 2018, Poland
Supported by Penderecki Academy of Music in Cracow
This recordings are part of PhD thesis, defended in 2019

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