These three recordings are homage to the three composers and their three pieces I have been performing ever since I have learned them while still being a student, until very last year of 2020. Not saying I will never do again. Surely, especially Apeghis is still on my actual repertoir list, as Graffitis is definitely … Continue reading APERGHIS – BILLONE – RUDERS

Peszat’s chamber works

I would like to share two really good works by Piotr Peszat for the chamber ensemble composed in 2018. Untitled Folder, here performed with Spółdzielnia Muzyczna Contemporary Ensemble (Cracow), my beloved home ensemble. https://vimeo.com/259994571 Grocery Store Music #5, here performed with Hashtag Ensemble (Warsaw), fantastic group that has invited me to work together few times … Continue reading Peszat’s chamber works

LOGIC ROCK by Matthew Shlomowitz in VIDEO!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lvj18R_fkZs   Here we go! The first Polish performance of Matthew Shlomowitz' LOGIC ROCK for electric guitar and drum-kit is now available on YT. Michał Lazar, electric guitar / Aleksander Wnuk, drum-kit Przemysław Kunda, sound and mix / Łukasz Zięba, sound 25. Audio Art Festival 23.11.2017, Cracow, Poland ENJOY! (video by G. Wnuk from the private … Continue reading LOGIC ROCK by Matthew Shlomowitz in VIDEO!