Spółdzielnia Muzyczna okiem Moniki Pasiecznik

Spółdzielnia Muzyczna Elementi V Techno

Zapraszam do lektury artykułu Moniki Pasiecznik o Spółdzielnia Muzyczna Contemporary Ensemble.


Źródło: ODRA 11/2017

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Context: Popular!

Context: Popular!

MATTHEW SHLOMOWITZ and his music performed in Cracow!


TIME: November 23, 18:00

PLACE: Concert Hall of the Music Academy in Cracow

At the 25. AUDIO ART FESTIVAL [link]


Here I present a concert concept named CONTEXT: POPULAR!

It’s made up by four members of Spółdzielnia Muzyczna Contemporary Ensemble – Martyna Zakrzewska, Bartosz Sałdan, Michał Lazar and myself. Here is a short program note:

The spine of this program is a phenomenon of employing and adapting styles, contents, and instruments, widely recognized as belonging to popular genres, into classical contemporary music. Interesting is the role and identity of the performers in search for reasonable balance of distinctive qualities.

Tags: popculture, mass media, garage bands, rock, metal, pop



Matthew Shlomowitz Logic Rock, for electric guitar and drum-kit (2013) – Polish premiere (Lazar / Wnuk)

Artur Zagajewski Mechanofaktura, for violin, bass clarinet, percussion, piano/synthesizer (2015) (Mglej / Borowicz / Sałdan / Zakrzewska)

Matthew Shlomowitz Popular Context Vol. 6, for vibraphone, drum-kit and sampler keyboard (2013) – Polish premiere (Wnuk / Sałdan / Zakrzewska)


All performers:

Martyna Zakrzewska, piano, sampler keyboard, synthesizer, performance

Aleksander Wnuk, drum-kit, vibraphone, performance

Bartosz Sałdan, percussion, drum-kit

Michał Lazar, electric guitar

Barbara Mglej, violin

Barbara Borowicz, bass clarinet


Sound reaalization: Przemek Kunda, Łukasz Zięba (Warsaw)


Matthew Shlomowitz’s LECTURE

I also invite you to the meeting with composer himself, which will be a part of Audio Art music workshops.

TIME: November 22, at 15:00

PLACE: Studio A6, Music Academy in Cracow

Organized by the Composition Department.


See you!!!

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SACRUM PROFANUM 2017 with Spółdzielnia Muzyczna Contemporary Ensemble (Musicians’ Community CE)



This is going to be a crazy and distinctive artistic cooperation. Spółdzielnia Muzyczna will join forces with a number of artists from a completely different music worlds. Check out the description of this hybrid project:

The last Saturday concert is an attempt at defining, identifying or perhaps even constituting new aesthetics – post indie classical? This type of music is created in opposition to sometimes too predictable modern music, but at the same time to over-aestehticised and following the beaten tracks indie classical, and is written by non-academics from the world of independent music. The concert will be unique for one more reason – as the light goes down, you will not know what to expect. All compositions will be produced by Spółdzielnia Muzyczna as premieres; they have just been commissioned by Sacrum Profanum and are being composed. Their author’s vision of instrumental music will be presented by Faith Coloccia and Aaron Turner (Mamiffer, Sumac) – privately a couple of the pianist and the guitarist – vocalists, graphic artists and composers of music basking in the air of melancholy, situated between ambient and chamber music; Aidan Baker (Nadja) – a multi-instrumentalist, a prolific artist representing many aesthetic styles, first of all ambient, drone, shoegaze and kraut-rock; Toby Driver (Kayo Dot) – a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and composer of music at the crossing of the avant-garde, jazz and prog-metal; Mika Rättö and Jussi Lehtisalo (Circle, Pharaoh Overlord) – a vocalist and a bassist who play all kinds of music from heavy metal through the improvised avant-garde up to avant-rock; Paweł Kulczyński (Wilhelm Brass) – specialising in modular synthesisers, broken rhythms and sound installations (e.g. last year’s Shibboleth). [source: sacrumprofanum webite LINK]


Faith Coloccia, Aaron Turner – commission
Toby Driver – commission
Aidan Baker – commission
Mika Rättö, Jussi Lehtisalo – commission
Paweł Kulczyński – commission

*All world premieres

Time: September 30, at 18:00

Place: Nowa Huta Cultural Centre, Kraków, Poland



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WARSAW AUTUMN 2017 appearances

The 60th Anniversary Warsaw Autumn Festival is coming soon!


I most happily wish to invite to three of the concerts at which I will have a privilege to perform, both solo and chamber.

SEPTEMBER  15: Graphic scores – launch of Glissando contemporary music magazine, issue #32: record

[pl link]    [eng link]

Me performing Mani.Gonxha by Pierluigi Billone

The concert is organized by 4.99 Foundation, and beside myself the wonderful performers such as Barbara Kinga Majewska, Małgorzata Walentynowicz and ETC Group will make the evening run.

At the same time I will encourage to read the Glissando issue #32 which will also include an article about Billone’s score record titled Mani.Gonxha, communicability and implication.

Time: 23:59 / Place: Theater Studio, Warsaw, Poland

SEPTEMBER 18: Spółdzielnia Muzyczna Contemporary Ensemble (Musicians’ Community Contemporary Ensemble)

[pl link]     [eng link]


Johannes Kreidler Der Weg der Verzweiflung” (Hegel) ist der chromatische *
Christophe Bertrand Aus *
Bogusław Schaeffer Non-stop
Jacek Sotomski Thanks, Leszek **
Brigitta Muntendorf shivers on speed *
Alexander Schubert Point Ones *

** first performance
* first Polish performance

Ensemble: Barbara Mglej – violin, Paulina Woś-Gucik – violin, Gabriela Biel – viola, Jakub Gucik – cello, Martyna Zakrzewska – piano, MIDI, Bartosz Sałdan – percussion, Aleksander Wnuk – percussion, Małgorzata Mikulska – flute, Michał Górczyński – clarinet (guest), Tomasz Stolarczyk – trombone (guest), Michał Lazar – guitar, Piotr Peszat – media, Mateusz Rusowicz – conductor

Time: 19:30 / Place: National Philharmonic Chamber Hall, Warsaw, Poland

SEPTEMBER 22: gen~.rate: zoomed – concert of composers’ group gen~.rate

[pl link]     [eng link]

Me performing:

Loïc Destremau Faulty Waterwork, for solo performer, water box, tools and live-electronics

Teoniki Rożynek The most satisfying music, for two percussionists and electronics (first performance) – with Michał Jedynak

This concert is organised by composers’ group gen~.rate.

Time: 22:30 / Place: Frederic Chopin University of Music, Warsaw, Poland


Spółdzielnia Muzyczna Improv

Zapraszam na nową(?) formę aktywności Spółdzielnia Muzyczna Contemporary Ensemble.
Spółdzielnia będzie improwizować!
Będziemy to robić w artystycznie kameralnej i przytulnej Galerii i!
A to jest kolejna okazja do spotkania i rozmowy o tym i owym.
Oferujemy też coś dobrego, pozamuzycznego.

Piątek 9.06.2017, g. 19:00

Galeria i!, Józefińska 21, Kraków

Paulina Owczarek (KIO), saksofony
Jakub Gucik, wiolonczela
Aleksander Wnuk, perkusja
Michał Lazar, gitara
Wiktor Krzak, fagot

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Spółdzielnia bardzo kameralnie

Zapraszam na koncert kameralny czwórki instrumentalistów Spółdzielnia Muzyczna Contemporary Ensemble w ramach festiwalu III Dni Jana Nepomucena Bobrowicza.

Nowoczesna(?) wirtuozeria

Sobota, 27 maja, godz. 18:00, Aula Florianka, Kraków


Sten Melin Hyssj
Georges Aperghis Quatre Pièces Fébriles
Maciej Jabłoński UI
George Crumb Makrokosmos II
George Crumb Mundus Canis

Martyna Zakrzewska (fortepian), Aleksander Wnuk (perkusja), Michał Lazar (gitara) oraz Krzysztof Guńka (saksofon)

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Koncert odbywa się w ramach festiwalu i sesji naukowej organizowanej przez Katedrę Gitary i Harfy Akademii Muzycznej w Krakowie.

AMuz link

dwutygodnik.com o KODACH 2017

Zapraszam do lektury relacji Krzysztofa Stefańskiego z tegorocznego, IX Festiwalu Tradycji i Awangardy Muzycznej KODY, który odbył się w Centrum Spotkania Kultur w Lublinie w dniach 10-12 maja, i gdzie, jako Spółdzielnia Muzyczna Contemporary Ensemble, wykonaliśmy teatr muzyczny Piotra Tabakiernika Monachomachia.