NO LIMITS? – Musica Polonica Nova 2022


Musica Polonica Nova Festival 2022

28.05 / 20:00 / The National Forum of Music in Wrocław / Black Hall


Monika Szpyrka No-body for female voice and sampler (2019)
Piotr Peszat TVTVT — Intronisation for solo Ableton Push, performers, live electronics and live video** (2022)
Viacheslav Kyrylov Vis-à-vis for ensemble (2020)
Rafał Ryterski Disco Bloodbath (Got to be real)  for ensemble and electronics (version for 6 instruments) (2018)
Marta Śniady YOUR ONLY LIMIT IS YOU for two performers, video and audio playback* (2019)

Spółdzielnia Muzyczna contemporary ensemble:
Małgorzata Mikulska – flutes
Tomasz Sowa –  bass clarinet
Krzysztof Guńka – saxophones
Aleksandra Krzak – bassoon
Barbara Mglej – violin
Jakub Gucik – cello
Aleksander Wnuk – percussion
Martyna Zakrzewska – piano, MIDI
Piotr Peszat – electronics, Ableton Push

Curators: Krzysztof Stefański, Martyna Zakrzewska

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