cancelled! OPERA RARA FESTIVAL | Eotvos | Spółdzielnia Muzyczna

EVENT CANCELLED due to…we all know why

OPERA RARA FESTIVAL 2021 with Spółdzielnia Muzyczna contemporary ensemble


Opera by Péter Eötvös

MARCH 24-25-26
Time: 19h
Live Streaming from ICE International Congress Center, Cracow, Poland


Directed by Karolina Sofulak

Monika Myśliwiec, choreography
Dariusz Pawelec, light/streaming
RISK MADE IN WARSAW Antonina Samecka & Klara Kowtun, costumes
Łukasz Kornafel, production

Robin Steitz, sopran
Helena Rasker, mezzosopran
Peter Tantsits, tenor
Karol Kozłowski, tenor
Łukasz Klimczak, bariton

Spółdzielnia Muzyczna contemporary ensemble

Conducted by Edo Frenkel

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