Performances at 3rd Tehran Contemporary Music Festival


It is my great pleasure to share the news about my participation in the 3rd Tehran Contemporary Music Festival, which will take place in the capital of Iran, in the period of April 21-27.

Moreover, it is my honour to give the Iranian first performances of all the performed works.

My participation in the festival includes two concerts.
The first is more a standard percussion concert including classics of the repertoir for multipercussion and vibraphone, and a work by Iranian composer, which looks like this:


the sky 2. Mov

The second concert is an instrumental performance based on my neverending search for the personal performativity in music including, in short, own arrangements of Aperghis’ texts Zig-Bang and works with limited or no instruments.



18:00, Rudaki Hall

Iannis Xenakis Rebonds A, for percussion (1987-89)
Philippe Hurel Loops II, for vibraphone (2002)
Georges Aperghis Graffitis, for a percussionist (1980)
Nader Mashayekhi The sky is nowhere the same colour, for crotales (2000)
Iannis Xenakis Rebonds B, for percussion (1987-89)


15:00, Black Box: Hafex Hall

Thierry de Mey Silence must be, for a conductor solo (2002)
Georges Aperghis Zig-Bang: Ses muscles, a performance (arr. Wnuk 2018)
Matthew Shlomowitz Hi-Hat and me, for solo percussionist (2010)
François Sarhan Homework, for Body-percussion (2008)
Georges Aperghis Zig-Bang: Suis celui, a performance (arr. Wnuk 2016/18)
Pierluigi Billone Mani.Gonxha, for two Tibethan temple bowls (2012)
Rolf Wallin Scratch, for amplified balloon (1991)


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LOGIC ROCK by Matthew Shlomowitz in VIDEO!


Here we go!

The first Polish performance of Matthew Shlomowitz’ LOGIC ROCK
for electric guitar and drum-kit is now available on YT.

Michał Lazar, electric guitar / Aleksander Wnuk, drum-kit
Przemysław Kunda, sound and mix / Łukasz Zięba, sound

25. Audio Art Festival
23.11.2017, Cracow, Poland


(video by G. Wnuk from the private archives)

Recital Scena Supernova 12.04


Zapraszam na taki koncert!

Dwa ekscentryczne performansy muzyczne Aperghisa ze zbioru jego tekstów do spektakli muzycznych Zig-Bang, we własnej aranżacji. Dalej, krótka historyjka nieskomplikowanej relacji pomiędzy człowiekiem a Hi-hatem, pióra Shlomowitza. Ponadto dwie kompozycje klasyczne w repertuarze współczesnego perkusisty, czyli Rebonds Xenakisa na multipercussion i wirtuozowski Loops Hurela na wibrafon. I na koniec, jak już bywało, libertyński Scratch z balonem Wallina.

Czas: 12.04 / g. 20:00

Miejsce: Scena Supernova / Gazowa 21 / Kraków

Wstęp: 15 pln


  • Georges Aperghis Zig-Bang: Ses muscles
  • Matthew Schlomowitz Hi-hat and me
  • Iannis Xenakis Rebonds
  • Philippe Hurel Loops II
  • Georges Aperghis Zig-Bang: Suis celui
  • Rolf Wallin Scratch

I invite you to the concert such as this one:

Two eccentric performance works by Aperghis from his book of texts Zig-Bang (in own arrangement). Then, a short story of uncomplicated relationship between a man and a Hi-Hat, by Shlomowitz. Also, two classics in the percussionists’ repertoir – multipercussion piece Rebonds by Xenakis and virtuoso vibraphone work Loops by Hurel. All that concluded, not for the first time, with the libertine Scratch with a balloon by Wallin.

Time: 12.04 / g. 20:00

Place: Scena Supernova / Gazowa 21 / Cracow

Entry: 15 pln


  • Georges Aperghis Zig-Bang: Ses muscles
  • Matthew Schlomowitz Hi-hat and me
  • Iannis Xenakis Rebonds
  • Philippe Hurel Loops II
  • Georges Aperghis Zig-Bang: Suis celui
  • Rolf Wallin Scratch

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Context: Popular! #1 in picture

The first episode of CONTEXT: POPULAR! in picture.

Happened at the Audio Art Festival, on November 23, 2017 in Cracow, PL. [link]

Pictures by Mikołaj Zając

Context: Popular!

Context: Popular!

MATTHEW SHLOMOWITZ and his music performed in Cracow!


TIME: November 23, 18:00

PLACE: Concert Hall of the Music Academy in Cracow

At the 25. AUDIO ART FESTIVAL [link]


Here I present a concert concept named CONTEXT: POPULAR!

It’s made up by four members of Spółdzielnia Muzyczna Contemporary Ensemble – Martyna Zakrzewska, Bartosz Sałdan, Michał Lazar and myself. Here is a short program note:

The spine of this program is a phenomenon of employing and adapting styles, contents, and instruments, widely recognized as belonging to popular genres, into classical contemporary music. Interesting is the role and identity of the performers in search for reasonable balance of distinctive qualities.

Tags: popculture, mass media, garage bands, rock, metal, pop



Matthew Shlomowitz Logic Rock, for electric guitar and drum-kit (2013) – Polish premiere (Lazar / Wnuk)

Artur Zagajewski Mechanofaktura, for violin, bass clarinet, percussion, piano/synthesizer (2015) (Mglej / Borowicz / Sałdan / Zakrzewska)

Matthew Shlomowitz Popular Context Vol. 6, for vibraphone, drum-kit and sampler keyboard (2013) – Polish premiere (Wnuk / Sałdan / Zakrzewska)


All performers:

Martyna Zakrzewska, piano, sampler keyboard, synthesizer, performance

Aleksander Wnuk, drum-kit, vibraphone, performance

Bartosz Sałdan, percussion, drum-kit

Michał Lazar, electric guitar

Barbara Mglej, violin

Barbara Borowicz, bass clarinet


Sound reaalization: Przemek Kunda, Łukasz Zięba (Warsaw)


Matthew Shlomowitz’s LECTURE

I also invite you to the meeting with composer himself, which will be a part of Audio Art music workshops.

TIME: November 22, at 15:00

PLACE: Studio A6, Music Academy in Cracow

Organized by the Composition Department.


See you!!!

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