LOGIC ROCK by Matthew Shlomowitz in VIDEO!


Here we go!

The first Polish performance of Matthew Shlomowitz’ LOGIC ROCK
for electric guitar and drum-kit is now available on YT.

Michał Lazar, electric guitar / Aleksander Wnuk, drum-kit
Przemysław Kunda, sound and mix / Łukasz Zięba, sound

25. Audio Art Festival
23.11.2017, Cracow, Poland


(video by G. Wnuk from the private archives)




Conference and concerts for New Music

SPÓŁDZIELNIA MUZYCZNA CONTEMPORARY ENSEMBLE will perform a performance-art-concert [link]

Time: March 9 / 20:00

Place: Academy of Music in Cracow / Concert Hall


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Krzysztof Guńka / saxophon, performer
Mateusz Rusowicz / conductor, performer
Aleksander Wnuk / percussion, performer
Martyna Zakrzewska / piano, performer
Michał Lazar / giuitar, performer
Paulina Woś / violin, performer
Barbara Mglej / performer
Jakub Gucik / cello, performer

Piotr Peszat / electronics
Przemysław Kunda / sound
Edyta Mąsior / video
Grzegorz Mart / video

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Context: Popular!

Context: Popular!

MATTHEW SHLOMOWITZ and his music performed in Cracow!


TIME: November 23, 18:00

PLACE: Concert Hall of the Music Academy in Cracow

At the 25. AUDIO ART FESTIVAL [link]


Here I present a concert concept named CONTEXT: POPULAR!

It’s made up by four members of Spółdzielnia Muzyczna Contemporary Ensemble – Martyna Zakrzewska, Bartosz Sałdan, Michał Lazar and myself. Here is a short program note:

The spine of this program is a phenomenon of employing and adapting styles, contents, and instruments, widely recognized as belonging to popular genres, into classical contemporary music. Interesting is the role and identity of the performers in search for reasonable balance of distinctive qualities.

Tags: popculture, mass media, garage bands, rock, metal, pop



Matthew Shlomowitz Logic Rock, for electric guitar and drum-kit (2013) – Polish premiere (Lazar / Wnuk)

Artur Zagajewski Mechanofaktura, for violin, bass clarinet, percussion, piano/synthesizer (2015) (Mglej / Borowicz / Sałdan / Zakrzewska)

Matthew Shlomowitz Popular Context Vol. 6, for vibraphone, drum-kit and sampler keyboard (2013) – Polish premiere (Wnuk / Sałdan / Zakrzewska)


All performers:

Martyna Zakrzewska, piano, sampler keyboard, synthesizer, performance

Aleksander Wnuk, drum-kit, vibraphone, performance

Bartosz Sałdan, percussion, drum-kit

Michał Lazar, electric guitar

Barbara Mglej, violin

Barbara Borowicz, bass clarinet


Sound reaalization: Przemek Kunda, Łukasz Zięba (Warsaw)


Matthew Shlomowitz’s LECTURE

I also invite you to the meeting with composer himself, which will be a part of Audio Art music workshops.

TIME: November 22, at 15:00

PLACE: Studio A6, Music Academy in Cracow

Organized by the Composition Department.


See you!!!

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