EXPERIMENTAL TUESDAYS at Sinfonia Varsovia to its City Festival


The festival SINFONIA VARSOVIA TO ITS CITY (in Warsaw of course) is holding a special series of concerts for Contemporary Music this season. They are called Experimental Tuesdays, and they are so. The whole thing – set of events, and this is worthy of respect, is happening LIVE. Meaning – with real audience. Strange to express it so much, but that is really something!

You can read more about the festival HERE.

Among the number of super concerts, such as performance by Ensemble Garage and evenings with the host orchestra Sinfonia Varsovia, two Polish ensembles take part. And I am happy to be with both of them. First, as a guest with Hashtag Ensemble, and one week later with my home group Spółdzielnia Muzyczna contemporary ensemble (Musicians Associated Contemporary Ensemble).

And I can truly say that both programs, though experimental in a way, they consist of very pleasant music. Alluding to nature in different ways – you can judge yourself looking at the list below. But surely, sometimes in a grotesque way, like Torvund or Shlomowitz. And another time more seriously, like Bauckholt or Stulgińska.


Rafał Ryterski Sea of Prism (Cod’s Lullaby)
Agata Zubel Shades of Ice
Grażyna Pstrokońska-Nawratil Figures on the Sand…
Agnieszka Stulgińska Three Women


Piotr Peszat Plants Concerto with Pianosong
Matthew Shlomowitz Popular Contexts, Volume 7: Public Domain Music (Part 1. International Transport Chimes Reggae, Part 2. Jazz in the Park)
Jagoda Szmytka Electrified memories of bloody cherries
Carola Bauckholt Laufwerk
Øyvind Torvund Neon Forest Space

Wish to see you!


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