Phonographic summary of 2020

It's time to sum up the 2020. I would usually list the concerts and premiered works. But since there were not that many - and the biggest planned events where canceled - I have another summary. A list of phonographic releases. It is still possible to enjoy 2020. I do. Czas podsumować rok 2020. Zwykle … Continue reading Phonographic summary of 2020

ZSYP: owczarek / wabik / wnuk / barańska / wołowiec

ZSYP NOWA HUTA TO LISTEN (BANDCAMP LINK) In improvised session live at Nowa Huta, Kraków, 23.11.2020 Paulina Owczarek - saxophoneJoanna Wabik - synthesizerAleksander Wnuk - spring-percussion, sound processing, voice Agnieszka Barańska, Marta Wołowiec - movement released December 3, 2020 patronage:Nowe Centrum