Ritual: En Face

MAY 30 / SUNDAY / 6 p.m. / The National Forum of Music in Wrocław / Red Hall

LINK to the event at MEN Festival official website is HERE
Link to the post in PL here

SOLO PERCUSSION RECITAL with electronic music in between the instrumental works, presenting my most recent solo repertoir program.

Sarah Nemtsov En Face: Solitude (2020) World Premiere [35’]
for solo percussionist
based on Bruno Schulz’ tale Solitude from Sanatorium Under the Sign of the Hourglass
voice by Radosław Krzyżowski

Ivo Malec Triola ou Symphonie pour moi-même: I. Turpituda (1978)
for electronics

Nicole Lizée Katana of Choice (2014/16) European/Polish Premiere [19’]
version for solo extended drum-kit, electronics and video

Ivo Malec Triola ou Symphonie pour moi-même: III Nuda (1978)
for electronics

Piotr Peszat Jenny’s Soul. Or Dirk’s? (2016/20) Polish Premiere of this version [9’]
for solo percussionist, audio playback and video

ALEKSANDER WNUK, solo percussion

Pierre Jodlowski, sound projection
Piotr Peszat, multimedia

Fot. Dominika Wiak

“Should I tell you that my room is walled up?…In what way might I leave it? Here is how: Goodwill knows no obstacle; nothing can stand before deep desire. I have only to imagine a door, a door old and good, like in the kitchen of my childhood, with an iron latch and bolt. There is no room so walled up that it will not open with such a trusty door, if you have but the strength to insinuate it.” ― Bruno Schulz

Solitude – we know this state only to well. And the rituals of it.

The man moves in his room, where he is both protected and defenseless. En Face is about a special form of choreography. And at the same time – inwardness. He has no mallets (the usual “weapon” of a drummer), only hands – they become ears. He perceives everything very intensely and intimately, It becomes ambiguous whether the man is in his room, or in his mind.

In narcotic space, it also becomes unclear if the memory keeps the real state, if emotions are true. How to get back to a safe zone? Or this is the one – yet another state of solitude…

Eventually, the real and the phantasmic stand before us, similar and competitive to each other. And we are lost. We may prefer that other reality – virtual, imagined, the inner reality. Then we can open any door we want.

This very intimate and emotional  performance involves and absorbs me completely. It is the zone I enter to embody it, to transcend my limits. ― AW

I am most happy for this coming to happen. And I hope it will not change otherwise.
I will really enjoy sharing this special moment with you.

With most sincere hope to see you there.


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