There was a time, when I was making recordings of classical solo percussion works, without an intention of releasing any album with them included. These were not only pieces I was studying while being a student at the Royal Danish Academy of Music. Some of them were of course big steps on my path of development. But they are just great works in history of contemporary music. I wished I had recorded more.

With time passing I have less and less intention of recording great works of all time, to publish as a CD-album. But I am sentimental and therefore I compiled five pieces in one, self released, unofficial album, available for free via Bandcamp. I hope that this small compilation will be usefull and enjoyable thing for any music lovers, percussionists and students.

I made 2014 the date of the release. It’s because they are really old recordings (from my point of view). But also not to make any confusion with recent releases. But then, I may just change my mind at some point and start releasing more classical recordings in the future. Will see.

Karlheinz Stockhausen Zyklus
Per Nørgård I Ching – Towards Completion – Fire Over Water
Raphael Cendo Scratch Data
Salvatore Sciarrino Il legno e la parola
Poul Ruders Alarm

Aleksander Wnuk, percussion and marimba

Sound egineers:
Franziska Wackerhagen (2-4)
Andrej Kocan (1)
Ole von Gertten and Lars Erik Skjegstad (5)

All recordings made, mixed and mastered at RDAM, Copenhagen 2012-2014

© all rights reserved

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