Musical graffiti for pianos and percussion

There was a concert one day, and it has started like this:

On the May 31, 2016 we got the nice opportunity to perform enormous program consisting of music for two pianists and two pecussionists, and a piano-percussion duo. It is always obliging to prepare and present classics. And that concert, and the whole process, was such experience. Truly, Bartok’s Sonata does not need any comment on its historic significance, nor on delight of playing it.

Fantasmagoria, Serocki’s duo is a remarkable instance of Polish sonorism, and probably one if the greatest works for piano and percussion ever composed. Hope we have rised to the occasion, enhancing rich sonic universe with our DuoEgo driving force and vigor.

While the first part of the show was around 40 minutes of physicality-demanding  music, in the second part we have done our best to bring the public to a completely paralel universe of soundscape by performing another absolute classic. Crumb’s Music of a summer evening, an over 40 minutes work from his Makrokosmos, is undeniably one of the most touching artistic journey. Enjoy!

Clips courtesy of Cultura Animi.

The concert has taken place in The Witold Lutoslawski Concert Studio in Warsaw, on the May 31, 2016, during the festival Trzy-Czte-Ry.


Martyna Zakrzewska, piano

Aleksandra Świgut, piano

Aleksander Wnuk, percussion

Bartosz Sałdan, percussion

Program: Bela Bartok Sonata for two pianos and percussion, Kazimierz Serocki Fantasmagoria, George Crumb Music for a summer evening (Makrokosmos III).

Thank you Martyna, Ola and Bartek. You are indescribably marvelous!

Most sincere regards to Maciej Grzybowski.



Ostre muzyczne graffiti

Festiwal TRZY-CZTE-RY. Konteksty. Kontrasty. Konfrontacje 17.05.-9.06.2016


Termin: 31 maja, godz. 19:00

Miejsce: Studio Koncertowe Polskiego Radia im. W. Lutosławskiego, Warszawa


Perkusja, perkusja. I fortepian. Czyli perkusja. Fenomenalny i uparcie zapominany Kazimierz Serocki, klasyka bartókowskiej ekspresji i makro-dzieło Amerykanina George’a Crumba. W klawiatury uderzają dwie młode, niespokojne, krążące po eurolandzie dziewczyny, uparte w poszukiwaniu swego. Dwie charyzmatyczne osobowości, które dobrały sobie godnych siebie partnerów, zapraszają na ostre muzyczne graffiti.

Martyna Zakrzewska fortepian
Aleksandra Świgut fortepian
Aleksander Wnuk perkusja
Bartosz Sałdan perkusja

Kazimierz SEROCKI – Fantasmagoria, Béla BARTÓK – Sonata na dwa fortepiany i perkusję, George CRUMB –Macrocosmos III

Program festiwalu TUTAJ