WE'RE HERE ŁOPUSZYŃSKA / KURKIEWICZ / WNUK / ESCUDERO / HÜLCKER / HIENDL / KALWAT / BUKOWSKI / RYTERSKIFURE / GLOJNARIĆ / SPEAR / BLECHARZ / HÜLCKER / HIENDL / KUNAK / ESCUDERO / RYTERSKI [EN] Yet again at Warsaw Autumn Festival, this year performing a World Premiere of Rafał Ryterski's work for solo performer HEPHEPHOBIA … Continue reading WARSAW AUTUMN 2021 / WARSZAWSKA JESIEŃ 2021

WARSAW AUTUMN 2018 performances

Festival link The glorious festival for new music, with absolutely great traditions and history, is coming soon - The Warsaw Autumn. I have a pleasure to participate in it yet again. This time performing at three concerts: as a member of Spółdzielnia Muzyczna Contemporary Ensemble from Cracow, as a guest of the Hashtag Ensemble from … Continue reading WARSAW AUTUMN 2018 performances

WARSAW AUTUMN 2017 appearances

The 60th Anniversary Warsaw Autumn Festival is coming soon! WEBSITE I most happily wish to invite to three of the concerts at which I will have a privilege to perform, both solo and chamber. SEPTEMBER  15: Graphic scores – launch of Glissando contemporary music magazine, issue #32: record [pl link]    [eng link] Me performing Mani.Gonxha by Pierluigi … Continue reading WARSAW AUTUMN 2017 appearances

59. Warsaw Autumn – Spółdzielnia Muzyczna – Salvatore Sciarrino ‘Luci mie traditrici’

It is my immense pleasure to announce the performance of Salvatore Sciarrino's opera Luci mie traditrici by Musicians' Community Contemporary Ensemble. The two shows will take place during the 59th Warsaw Autumn International Festival of Contemporary Music, on the following dates: September 22, 19:30 [link] September 23, 19:30 [link] Salvatore Sciarrino, libretto Pia Partum, director Anna Radziejewska, … Continue reading 59. Warsaw Autumn – Spółdzielnia Muzyczna – Salvatore Sciarrino ‘Luci mie traditrici’