Wraz z Krakow Improvisers Orchestra zapraszam na Festiwal Tańca Współczesnego SPACER, który odbywa się w dniach 30.04-6.05 w Nowohuckim Centrum Kultury w Krakowie.
[strona festiwalu]

Oto plan i opis udziału KIO w festiwalu:

1-2 maja, 15-18, NCK: warsztat open – warsztaty z kolektywnej improwizacji ruchowej i dźwiękowej [LINK]

2 maja, 20:00, NCK Scena: koncert KIO in motions – Krakow Improvisers Orchestra i tancerze [LINK]

Together with Krakow Improvisers Orchestra I would like to invite to the Contemporary Dance Festival SPACER, which takes place in 20.04-6.05 in Nowohuckie Centrum Kultury, Kraków.

Timeline of KIO’s participation:

May 1-2, 15-18, NCK: workshop open – workshop for the motion and sound collective improvisation

May 2, 20:00, NCK Stage: concert KIO in motions – Krakow Improvisers Orchestra and dancers

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SACRUM PROFANUM 2017 with Spółdzielnia Muzyczna Contemporary Ensemble (Musicians’ Community CE)



This is going to be a crazy and distinctive artistic cooperation. Spółdzielnia Muzyczna will join forces with a number of artists from a completely different music worlds. Check out the description of this hybrid project:

The last Saturday concert is an attempt at defining, identifying or perhaps even constituting new aesthetics – post indie classical? This type of music is created in opposition to sometimes too predictable modern music, but at the same time to over-aestehticised and following the beaten tracks indie classical, and is written by non-academics from the world of independent music. The concert will be unique for one more reason – as the light goes down, you will not know what to expect. All compositions will be produced by Spółdzielnia Muzyczna as premieres; they have just been commissioned by Sacrum Profanum and are being composed. Their author’s vision of instrumental music will be presented by Faith Coloccia and Aaron Turner (Mamiffer, Sumac) – privately a couple of the pianist and the guitarist – vocalists, graphic artists and composers of music basking in the air of melancholy, situated between ambient and chamber music; Aidan Baker (Nadja) – a multi-instrumentalist, a prolific artist representing many aesthetic styles, first of all ambient, drone, shoegaze and kraut-rock; Toby Driver (Kayo Dot) – a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and composer of music at the crossing of the avant-garde, jazz and prog-metal; Mika Rättö and Jussi Lehtisalo (Circle, Pharaoh Overlord) – a vocalist and a bassist who play all kinds of music from heavy metal through the improvised avant-garde up to avant-rock; Paweł Kulczyński (Wilhelm Brass) – specialising in modular synthesisers, broken rhythms and sound installations (e.g. last year’s Shibboleth). [source: sacrumprofanum webite LINK]


Faith Coloccia, Aaron Turner – commission
Toby Driver – commission
Aidan Baker – commission
Mika Rättö, Jussi Lehtisalo – commission
Paweł Kulczyński – commission

*All world premieres

Time: September 30, at 18:00

Place: Nowa Huta Cultural Centre, Kraków, Poland



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