This is only an announcement, but in a short time you can watch a 2020 new version of the piece written by Piotr Peszat for me in 2016 – JENNY’S SOUL. OR DIRK’S? It is not just a minor correction. It is updated, remade, new version. Why he does it? Why we do it?

You can see ONLINE on October 5 at Spółdzielnia Muzyczna ARS MODERNA concert cycle [LINK]

You can see LIVE on October 13 during Unerhörte Musik concert series at BKA Theater in Berlin [LINK]

And you can see it more times, including Festival Musica Electronica Nova 2021 in Wrocław (if COVID won’t take it away!).

More info about all events will follow, so stay tuned!

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