This is an experimental Ambient track made during one-of-many lockdown days by Wnuk-Lazar Duo.
It has a video version too (the picture below is a screen from it). But for now enjoy the sound alone.

Have fun…or take care

Music: Wnuk-Lazar Duo
Aleksander Wnuk, Kaossilator
Michał Lazar, midi-guitar

All just fine, even today is a reference to the states of a man in a situation where he has no influence on the the occurring phenomenon. We are touching the nature of inevitability, danger and anxiety of a catastrophe.

Kraków [PL], July 2020

Supported by KBF (Cracow Festival Agency) within the program Partnership for Music 2.0 (Partnerstwo dla muzyki 2.0).

pdm_poczatkowa    pdm_koncowa

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