Film Music Festival 2018


The 11th Film Music Festival in Cracow has just begun. It is one of the biggest festivals of such kind in the World and so it is my pleasure to invite to two shows that are performed by the Beethoven Academy Orchestra, including the most powerful percussion section!


June 1
Beauty and the Beast (2017) LIVE in concert
18:00, Tauron Arena, Cracow
Conducted by Erik Ochsner, feat. OAB, Polish Radio Choir and singers:
Sylwia Banasik, Hubert Zapiór, Damian Aleksander, Ewa Konstancja Bułhak, Anna Zawisza , Przemysław Glapiński, Sasza Reznikov, Adam Radnicki

June 2
Video Games Gala
19:00, Tauron Arena, Cracow
Conducted by Ludwif Wicki, feat. OAB, Pro Musica Mundi Choir and guests:
Tina Guo, Sara Andon, Ania Karwan, Norman Kim, Benoit Grey, Przemysław Sokół

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