I Ching recording online!

This one has been in my archives for four years already. Finally I feel like sharing it.

I hope you will enjoy this piece of music and my interpretation – piece of work I did back in Copenhagen in 2014 as a Soloist Postgraduate student of the Royal Danish Academy of Music. All that does not really matter. What matter is that it’s:

Per Nørgård – I Ching, mvt. 4 – Towards Completion, Fire over Water.

One of the most wonderful works for percussion solo, written back in 1982 for my main teacher Gert Mortensen with his great contribution to the score and instrumentation, and of course to the performing practice of such music.

No more words, eventhough the ideas behind the piece are amazing and it’s exciting to explore them.
Best 🙂

Recorded at the Concert Hall of the Royal Danish Academy of Music, Copenhagen 2014
Sound engineer: Franziska Wackerhagen !

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