Sound Gallery – seeking mother – MUSicA POLONICA NOVA 2022

Time: May 14. 2022 / Saturday / 6 pm, 8.30 pm, 11 pm

Programme: Improvisation

Michał Lazar – electric guitar, synthesizer 
Aleksander Wnuk – percussive objects and instruments

National Forum of Music, foyer +3
plac Wolności 1, Wrocław

A woman (mother?) is wandering around a space she does not recognize. She is looking for the right place, she does not stay anywhere for long, her choices are alogical. The mother’s body divides into fragments, each of them taking a different direction. It becomes non-functional, contradictory, fragmented – a body in decay. Right next door, thousands of orphans roam, looking for their homes and mothers. A space where time has stopped. The sound whose density is like a sculpture. And finally, music that makes the whole body tremble. Aleksander Wnuk and Michał Lazar significantly broaden the definition of a drum and guitar duo, mixing avant-garde music, post-rock, and dark ambient. They conduct an evocative narrative – from a sense of fear, isolation, through momentary calm, to moments of sound magic. seeking mother was originally created as part of the Manhattan dance show. However, the duo has taken this sonic concept much further in preparation for their debut album.

Admision free. 

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