Soloist Class 2012-14 & Debut Concert Nov. 19

Here they come. Video clips from my Debut Concert that happened on November 19th. This was a graduation recital that has concluded my Advanced Postgraduate studies in the Soloist Class at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen. This program took 2,5 year and was specially oriented in the solo performance in contemporary percussion music. For me it was also the last period of academic education in Denmark.

My focus was first mostly on more standard repertoire, Danish music, due to my teacher Gert Mortensen, and on Stockhausen, which I found intellectually and musically a great source of inspiration, and also challenge that would equal my inclinations. From certain point, beginning of 2013, after the Impuls Academy in Graz, I have taken a step towards different direction, a style that is more connected to instrumental theater. I have partially re-evaluated my point of view, or rather diversified and opened my understanding of musician’s function and a process of creating the performance of a composed piece.

Not going into details, I will be posting some video recordings of my Debut’s performances for you to enjoy, I hope 🙂

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