Percussion Concert in Metronomen

Me and Phantom Duo – Anders Elten and Tomasz Szczepaniak, wish to invite you to our concert in Metronomen, Frederiksberg.

We are gonna perform a number of great pieces for both, duo and solo percussion, of big variety of styles from transcriptions of Paganini or Gershwin, through Cage, to Sciarrino.

All this in a very moody place and a relaxed atmosphere.

We will be very pleased to see everybody who wishes to spend an evening in such place and in such way, with us.

There shall be a small bar and possibly a tiny After-Party!


Time: April 3, 19:30, door opens at 19:00

Place: METRONOMEN, Godthåbsvej 33, Frederiksberg 2000, Copenhagen, Denmark



See the Facebook event:



Raphael Cendo: Scratch Data
Salvatore Sciarrino: Il legno e la parola
Philippe Hurel: Loops
N. Paganini/F. Liszt/Phantom Duo: La Campanella
Wayne Siegel: Savanna


John Cage: Child of tree
Jacob Ter Veldhuis: Goldrush
George Gershwin: Three Preludes
Adi Morag: Octabones


Hope to see you!

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