“Scratch Data” by Raphaël Cendo, in March!

Dear friends,

I am going to perform a fantastic piece for percussion and electronics by French composer Raphaël Cendo, titled “Scratch Data”. I was asked to prepare it for this year’s upcoming Pulsar Festival. I can gladly say, there will be more chances to play it, first already few days later, in a very cosy place, also in Copenhagen.

Please, find some info about dates and times by following my events page.

“Scratch Data” develops a unique material that is exposed at the beginning of the play and will continue to change over time. Partially formalized with OpenMusic, these layers of development, from the same material, are constantly disturbed by electronic accidents coming constrain the musical speech. Repetitions, that are deducted, are only the result of these constant disruptions, seem – despite the speed – slow speech. Electronics, here, is only a shadow of percussion, a pretense strange, a distorting mirror in which the player seems to multiply. /Raphaël Cendo, 2002/


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