This May I am joining Hashtag Ensemble from Warsaw to perform at KODY, the 11. FESTIVAL OF TRADITIONAL AND AVANTGARDE MUSIC in Lublin, Poland.

The event is called #EchoChamber and it is designed as a simultaneous concert of three comissioned works, with further video projections.

Time: May 9 / Thursday / 20:00
Place: The Centre for Culture in Lublin
(Main Auditorium / Underground / Black Hall)

Hashtag Ensemble – a music cooperative specializing in the performance of contemporary music, improvisation and artistic education – will join the previously announced artists of the festival. The group consists of Polish musicians of the young generation: composers, vocalists, instrumentalists and conductor Lilianna Krych.

Hashtag Ensemble #EchoChamber is a music interpretation of the phenomenon having a music-related name. The project would feature young composers: Jagoda Szmytka, Nina Fukoka, and Artur Zagajewski. However, the change of program occured, and instead of Szmytka’s work we will perform a conceptual piece by Jennifer Walshe.

#EchoChamber will address migration – a topic stirring strong emotions and extreme opinions in the web. The group will offer personal migration experience to each listener, who will be faced with their own past choices and with the loss of other points of hearing.

Artur ZAGAJEWSKI – LA MER /watch?v=y1RpVZNSw6k / commissioned by CODES Festival / premiere
Nina FUKUOKA – 5 Secrets to Making New Music / commissioned by CODES Festival / premiere

Ania KARPOWICZ – flute
Oliwier ANDRUSZCZENKO – clarinet
Wojciech PSIUK – saxophone
Hubert ZEMLER – percussion
Paweł JANAS – accordion
Wojciech BŁAŻEJCZYK – electric guitar
Krzysztof KOZŁOWSKI – synthesizers
Marta GRZYWACZ – voice/performer
Agnieszka GUZ – violin
Marta PIÓRKOWSKA – violin
Aleksandra DEMOWSKA-MADEJSKA – viola
Dominik PŁOCIŃSKI – cello
Mateusz LOSKA – double bass

Nikola KOŁODZIEJCZYK – Hammond organ
Aleksander WNUK – percussion
Alicja PILARCZYK – violin
Jakub GUCIK – cello

Michał BEREZA – sound engineer



Projekt Hashtag Ensemble – #EchoChamber – będzie interpretacją fenomenu o inspirująco muzycznej nazwie. Zaproszenie do udziału w projekcie przyjęli wybitni kompozytorzy Jagoda Szmytka, Nina Fukuoka oraz Artur Zagajewski. Autorami koncepcji są Wojciech Błażejczyk, Ania Karpowicz i Lilianna Krych.

kody    # ensemble

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