ECHOES OF PEACE, pic gallery and plans

Dear all.

Here is a picture gallery from the concert of the new musical project ECHOES OF PEACE. The first concert took place at Cafe Pensionat in a beautiful village of Lanckorona (near Cracow) that has preserved in its old shape to this day, and used to be a favourite destination for artists in the past. And it still has an artistic ambience. Concert happened on October 21.

The next concerts will follow very soon! And more…Stay tuned 🙂

Echoes of peace is:

Wassim Ibrahim, oud, percussion, voice

Michael Jones, violin, viola, Indian violin Ravanhuta, percussion, voice

Aleksander Wnuk, various percussion, Jew’s harp, Didgeridoo, objects, voice

Pictures by Michał Deszert

Great many thanks to Dominika Zaręba and Cafe Pensionat for a wonderful time!

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