Like probably every percussionist, I sometimes inveigh on logistical issues associated with our profession. Ok, ok, not sometimes! This matter is often forgotten by others, but we all know and remember. Being honest, organizing instruments and hardware, and setting them up is as important as playing music, in our case. But anyway, I am not writing about it to share what we all know.

To avoid this issue, we have a choice. As percussionists we are entitled by some composers to perform music on our bodies. However it’s a nice privilege, anybody could do that as well. There is more acting, but it doesn’t say that, among all instrumentalists, only percussionists are crazy enough to slap around the body. Well, usually it also needs some rhythmical precision.

Homework for solo body percussion is an extract from “Home Work” for 6 musicians, a 60 minutes Stage Work by Francois Sarhan. You can find excerpts on youtube, simply follow composer’s website: http://www.fsarhan.com/.

You will find some differences between my version and all other versions. It is not only an interpretation matter. I simply got a score from before the final edition. When I realised that, I wasn’t happy with a view on learning few details the other way again. So, that’s how it goes my way:


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