Cronémicas by Luciano Azzigotti. Impuls Academy 2013

I have accidently found a video of a piece written during the Impuls Academy in Graz last February. It is by Argentinian composer Luciano Azzigotti.

The program was called “New pieces for percussion”:

All composers participating in impuls 2013 are invited to hand in aconcept for a new piece for percussionists to be developed under the guidance of tutors Georges Aperghis and Christian Dierstein during impuls. The new pieces should be written for percussion trio using the instrumentation that is also used by Mr. Aperghis in “les guetteurs de sons”: maximum of 3 players in a line, everyone with one big stand tom, and one pedal bass drum on the right side (you can add some small instruments, not more than 3 though).

In sequence the new pieces will be worked on with participants of Mr. Dierstein´s percussion class with the aim of a final presentation in public during Impuls.

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