Mixed chamber repertoir

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/up to six players/

Karlheinz Stockhausen Refrain

Franco Donatoni Arpege

Pierre Boulez Derive

Morton Feldman Why Patterns?

George Crumb Makrokosmos III: Music for a summer evening

George Crumb An Idyll for the Misbegotten

George Crumb Mundus Canis

Georges Aperghis Trio Funambule

Georges Aperghis Quatre Pièces Fébriles

Kazimierz Serocki Fantasmagoria

Alexander Schubert Point Ones

Matthew Shlomowitz Logic Rock

Matthew Shlomowitz Popular Context Volume 6

Francois Sarhan Situations

Mauricio Kagel Ragtime

Philippe Hurel Tombeau in memoriam Gérard Grisey

Ivan Fedele Erinni

Piotr Peszat Untitled Folder

Piotr Peszat Grocery Store Music #5

Piotr Peszat Real Life Proof

Ricardo Eizirik re-wind-re–write

Jennifer Walshe and jump from the golden gate bridge

Jagoda Szmytka Electrified memories of bloody cherries

Jagoda Szmytka Quizzle translate

Cezary Duchnowski Parallels

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