fot. Grzegorz Mart

Duo of percussion and guitar by Aleksander Wnuk and Michał Lazar


The main focus is an autonomous musical language deriving from the fusion of two peculiar characters. The crash of multifarious, but nevertheless equally strong energies. Connection which takes the beginning in spontanious at first, but then formalized improvisation. In the process of creating this, or rather persuing this goal, we look for as many ways of cooperation as possible, including performing composed music, making own compositions, improvising with and without rules. This gives us the possibility to bring to life our own music for various films, which is our main undertaking these days. But we are aiming as well for the theater spectacles, not forgeting working on and performing  the classical and modern composed music repertoir for guitar and percussion, such as works by George Crumb or Matthew Shlomowitz.

Dance theater:
Manhattan (2019, dir. Dominika Wiak / Daniela Komędera Miśkiewicz)
Manhattan Interactive Movie (2020, dir. Dominika Wiak / Daniela Komędera Miśkiewicz)

All just fine, even today (2020)

Movies with own music performed live:
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920, Germany, silent, dir. Robert Wiene)
L’Inferno (1911, Italy, silent, dir. Giuseppe de Liguoro, Adolfo Padovan, Francesco Bertolini)
La Passion de Jeanne d’Arc (1928, Germany, silent, dir. Carl T. Dreyer)

Dramatic theater:
Joanna The Insane (2018, Cracow, dir. Mira Mańka)
(2017, Cracow/Poland, dir. Aleksandra Skorupa)

Classic repertoir:
Logic Rock (2012, Matthew Shlomowitz)
Mundus Canis (1998, George Crumb)