My repertoir is all about embodying and being entangled.
Movement, touch, language. Presence, intimacy and focus.

In the upcoming time it is a collection of solo pieces that require me reaching beyond my limits, and further pursuing own goals.
It is transforming the limits, balancing between comfort and uncomfort zone, trying and failing. There is always another goal to reach, and a small space where to reflect.

As my general repertoir still includes works out of this concept, and those I have performed before, it is immensely important for me to focus on personal way of performing.

Sarah Nemtsov En Face: Solitude (solo version 2020)
Nicole Lizée Katana of Choice (2014, ver. 2016)
Pierre Jodlowski Mad Max (2017)
Piotr Peszat Jenny’s Soul. Or Dirk’s? (2016, ver. 2020)
Rafał Ryterski Haphephobia (2021)
Dominik Karski Streamforms IV (2017)
François Sarhan Homework II: In the garage (2008)
François Sarhan Situation 12: Announcement (2015)
Georges Aperghis Graffitis (1980)
Rolf Wallin Scratch (1995)

They may be combined with other works too.

Sarah Nemtsov, Trond Reinholdtsen, Matthew Shlomowitz, Piotr Peszat