Jenny’s soul. Or Dirk’s?

It was in March 2016 when Piotr Peszat and me have met for the first time to talk over a certain idea. An idea of a brand new work for one percussionist with multi media. To keep a little bit of secret, until the time comes to reveal more, I will not expatiate this story too … Continue reading Jenny’s soul. Or Dirk’s?

Wroclaw Percussion Trio in picture

The Wroclaw Percussion Trio is a group we have formed a year ago. Actually, the idea was born that one year ago. But frankly speaking, we exist practically since not more that two months ago. I would not explain here exactly where that name came from, eventhough only 66,(6)% of our group comes or/and lives … Continue reading Wroclaw Percussion Trio in picture

Jedynak & Wnuk

A w BarBarze we Wrocławiu taki program / And soon in BarBara, Wroclaw, PL: Georges Aperghis - Zig-Bang, Conversation: Mes ailes François Sarhan - Homework II Vinko Globokar - ?Corporel Rolf Wallin - Scratch Per Nørgård - The gentle, the penetrating Georges Aperghis - Zig-Bang, Conversation: ...f'reur Michał Jedynak & Aleksander Wnuk, performance 11.12.2016, 19:00 … Continue reading Jedynak & Wnuk