Jenny’s soul. Or Dirk’s?

It was in March 2016 when Piotr Peszat and me have met for the first time to talk over a certain idea. An idea of a brand new work for one percussionist with multi media. To keep a little bit of secret, until the time comes to reveal more, I will not expatiate this story too much at the moment.

Jenny's soul. Or Dirk's?

Nevertheless, Jenny’s soul. Or Dirk’s? is written for percussion, audio playback and video. The concept and material have been developed together in the process of work-in-progress, by Piotr – composer and me – performer.

The work calls for a quite extensive technology and drum playing technique, based on some hand-drumming, first adapted by Georges Aperghis in his works in 70’s and 80′, and then developed by myself.

Jenny's soul. Or Dirk's? - drum material

Jenny was premiered recently, on November 20., at the 24. Audio Art Festival in Cracow, Poland. It was during the monographic concert of Piotr Peszat’s music presenting six works from the cycle Erwachsenen-Szene. [POST LINK]

It is my pleasure to present you a concert recording of a mentioned performance of Jenny’s soul. Or Dirk’s?


Wroclaw Percussion Trio in picture

The Wroclaw Percussion Trio is a group we have formed a year ago. Actually, the idea was born that one year ago. But frankly speaking, we exist practically since not more that two months ago. I would not explain here exactly where that name came from, eventhough only 66,(6)% of our group comes or/and lives in Wroclaw, Western Poland. Nevertheless, due to the commissions for compositions, we finally made it happen, and performed two concerts, so far. First in Wrocław, in FAMA, the lovely Center for Culture, on December 2. Second in Bydgoszcz, in the City Culture Center, on December 4.

Briefly, the trio is focused on performative actions in percussion music, including theatricalness of percussive gesture and non-strictly-musical performance, which is actually quite musical after all. The idea is to implement a personal artistic  identity of every single one of the three of us, and create a quality. Nothing really new in fact, but fun and valuable to work with and gain fresh expereince, for both performers and composers. And the performers are: Aleksandra Wasik-Gołaj, Michał Jedynak and myself – Aleksander Wnuk.

I do mention composers, because we have been working on new created pieces so far, works written for us, commisioned by Polish Composers’ Union via government program which is runned by Institute for Music and Dance. Time to say who the composers are: Stanisław Krupowicz, Piotr Komorowski, Sławomir Opaliński, Artur Kroschel, Anna Porzyc. They represent three different environments, talking about cities: Wrocław, Bydgoszcz and Poznań.

Seems, we are yet to perform in one of those cities. That will eventually happen in 2017, on March 28., during the 46. Poznan Spring Festival for Contamporary Music.

I would like to share a gallery of pictures from our concerts.

HERE you can also find a link to my previous post about those events.

Jedynak & Wnuk

jed wnu 2.jpg

A w BarBarze we Wrocławiu taki program / And soon in BarBara, Wroclaw, PL:

Georges Aperghis – Zig-Bang, Conversation: Mes ailes
François Sarhan – Homework II
Vinko Globokar – ?Corporel
Rolf Wallin – Scratch
Per Nørgård – The gentle, the penetrating
Georges Aperghis – Zig-Bang, Conversation: …f’reur

Michał Jedynak & Aleksander Wnuk, performance

11.12.2016, 19:00 [FB LINK]

Gramy / Playing 19-19:40
Gadamy / Talking 19:40-…

BarBara, Świdnicka 8c, 50-067 Wrocław

Zapraszamy serdecznie! / A warm welcome!