No. 11 Refrain Stockhausen's music is in the area of my interest for a long time. My practical approach was started by Gert Mortensen who convinced me to work on "Zyklus". It was on my 2nd Master. Well, "Zyklus" is in my repertoir for over 3 years now and I have performed it frequently for varied audience. There were … Continue reading REFRAIN


Graffitis. If I was asked to point my favourite compositions written for percussion, this piece would be one of them. If there is a question about prefered composing style, I would be certainly sure that Georges Aperghis is amongst my beloved composers. In fact, it is not only about his music. Mr Aperghis is a … Continue reading GRAFFITIS


Mani. Gonxha This was a second piece in my Debut Concert, a Danish premiere, and I believe Scandinavian first performance as well. After Scratch Data by Raphael Cendo, which was an introduction to the show, here it started first bigger segment of my program. This segment was an intimate and performative part, centered around prayer, … Continue reading MANI. GONXHA

Soloist Class 2012-14 & Debut Concert Nov. 19

Here they come. Video clips from my Debut Concert that happened on November 19th. This was a graduation recital that has concluded my Advanced Postgraduate studies in the Soloist Class at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen. This program took 2,5 year and was specially oriented in the solo performance in contemporary percussion music. … Continue reading Soloist Class 2012-14 & Debut Concert Nov. 19